Temperature and humidity in date and timestamp

A thermometer for me would be very useful, digital thermometers are cheap and would probably not be too hard to add to the camera box. (I say that with pure naiveness)

I work outside and a lil degrees beside the timestamp would be helpful, and interesting as well!

They may not be expensive for one sensor but for a small portion of the customers who would want to pay for that it may not be worth the massive cost (based on millions of cameras being sold) A better bet is when Wyze launches their security solutions (alarms and what not) that the sensors report temperature as well. I think all newer door / window sensors that I have checked out now have temperature sensors as well.

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It might also not work if it’s internal due to the heat generated inside the camera. But perhaps it could be a separately purchased item that plugs into the USB port on the back of the camera. That also solves the issue of those who don’t want/need it not having to pay for it.


I agree a separate sensor would be best. I’m really looking forward to the expanded Wyze ecosystem with affordable components so I can monitor things like temperature/humidity and (hopefully) doors/windows.

@Loki, the USB sensor sounds interesting. It would be relatively simple (electrically) and cheap to produce, and would eliminate the need for batteries in a standalone sensor. I wonder how much development effort would have to go into a USB-connected add-on sensor vs. embedding temperature info in the video from a remote sensor.


Yes, we have clock/radio that shows the outdoor and indoor temp and it’s pretty worthless. Now, you may have come to the conclusion I think everything is worthless, but just hold on. A second clock in the same room has the temp probe on about a 1’ wire and it works great!

I would like the temperature listed as well. When I am away I could see the temperature in my garage and home. I have three Wyze Cam Pan units already and would gladly upgrade two of the three if they had temperature available.

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I’m not knocking this idea or anything, but as an alternative, you could place a thermometer within viewing distance of the cameras.


That’s what I’ve done for now yep.


Had to find a good way to position it so as it’s not in the view… and now that I just checked to show you a screen shot I see that my good old Smurfs thermometer from 1986 didnt stand the wind storm last night! :joy:


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Well now you have a wind gauge too! :rofl:


I would vote for an external USB thermometer tjhat I could selectively add to some of my 19 wyzecams. A firmware patch would need to add a subroutine to check for the existence of such a device and retrieve and display the temp (perhaps in lieu of the WYZE logo). In this way, the temp device could be added to only the cameras where temp is desired and the cost borne by only users who wanted/needed the function.



We love the camera, can you add the temperature sensor? It will be a good improve to check baby room and outside.

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They could probably have the cameras pick up local temperatures off a weather service. It wouldn’t be perfectly accurate, but it would keep costs down doing it this way. All they’d need is some programming and a firmware update.

Here is a USB Temperature sensor that logs readings to a text file:
TEMPer USB Thermometer w/ Alerts https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002VA813U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_B8pwCbCF3HZG9

Seems simple enough to:

  • Enable the USB-A port on back of the camera

  • Add support in firmware that reads temperature output data from stick, displays it next to clock

  • Add alert settings to sent notifications when temp crosses user-defined range; support action via IFTTT

  • OEM this stick as a WYZE Cam Temperature Sensor optional accessory. For those that want it can buy from your store (I would ;-), No added cost to camera itself.

I like this idea. And I have a few “I’m not a programmer, but have some thoughts” ideas to add…

If looking for indoor temps, linking the camera to a wifi thermostat would be pretty ideal.

For outside temps, linking it to some sort of weather data would be nice. To get granular, perhaps integrating with individual weather stations that are on the Weather Underground network. That way, you could see the temp of a location in your neighborhood (or your yard if you have a station reporting to WU) instead of the nearest airport which could be a few miles away.

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I myself would prefer it on the outdoor Camera itself and not connected to a network, or weather data site.
Where I live, there is often a significant difference in temp vs what they say on the weather network.

It’s close of course, but not accurate

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I use my WYZE cam in my 5 month old baby’s room – It would be awesome if my WYZE Can Pan app could display the temperature and humidity in the room where the camera is located.

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