New cameras should have thermometers

If the cameras had thermometers I wouldn’t need a separate baby monitor. It would also be useful just to keep an eye on the temperatures of various rooms and outdoors.

There are gobs of various remote temperature monitoring devices available. Trying to make the cameras add this function for your use case would add to the cost for everyone.
I use these at my house:


I agree, Wyze is a low-cost house, so adding a sensor everyone may not want is a cost issue. However, Wyze does offer Climate sensors to do just this, for those who have an interest. I use one in my garage to tell me when I can work out there, and I sort it on the device list just below my garage camera:


A built in thermometer in a Wyze cam is not feasible I would guess.
The cameras are all miniature heaters. :fire:

The readings would obviously be inaccurate.

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I do know that some cameras monitor/show temperature.

For example, battery-operated Blink Cameras monitor the ambient temperature reasonably accurately. So it can be done. It makes sense that a battery cam can do this more accurately since it is usually off in standby mode. I would think that a wired camera could just allow a differential setting to compensate for typical camera temperature increase.

All I know, is that some cameras do this already, so it can definitely be done. The big question for Wyze would be whether it is worth the extra cost vs how many people would want/use it. Wyze likes to keep cost as low as possible, especially for their entry-level cams. For that reason I can pretty conclusively believe they will not do this for the OG line of cameras, since they are intended as the entry level camera. They would be more likely to do this for a Pro-level camera. But again, their main question will be whether it is worth the extra cost vs the number of people who would want and use it.