Display Room Sensor or Climate Sensor temperature/humidity while viewing cam's live stream

Linking temperature/humidity sensor to a Camera.
When viewing live view of a camera (even in small view in camera groups) it would be nice to see the reading of a temperature/humidity sensor that is in that room. Meaning in the cam settings to be able to “link” a room sensor or climate sensor, It will be up for the user to choose the correct sensor.
i.e. when I check on my baby with the camera I’ve dedicated as a baby monitor, would be nice to see the temperature in that room instead of going out of live view, going into the thermostat room sensor list.

If to think bigger, then to link any sensor to any camera, even door lock status or leak sensor would be nice to see while viewing camera.

Of course this would have to be only on live view and not in the SD/cloud recordings.

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