Add Sensor status as Watermark on video

It would be super helpful to see the status of sensors as watermark on recorded / livefeed videos. example my garage door camera is attached to garage door sensor and garage motion sensor . when i playback a recording it would be nice if i can see status of the sensors on corner of the video as watermarks similar to the wyze logo or the timestamp.

For me, this is the best suggestion I’ve ever seen on this community.

Just as you can select overlaying the time/date or the Wyze logo on a camera’s video, it’d be great if you can select to overlay the status of one or more sensors, specifically the contact sensor.
Say you’re looking at the recording (or live feed) of a camera pointing to your building’s entrance, you’ll be hard-pressed to know if the door is really closed or just ajar, but if you have a red/green dot in a corner of the video showing the sensor status… so you’d be able to catch failed-close events (when the door closes but doesn’t latch, and rebounds a little) and also sensor malfunctions.

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Climate sensor display on cam feed

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