Temperature and humidity in date and timestamp

I love the thermostat idea. My acurite hub was just end life. Time to move to something new!

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Having temp on the new sensors, or a separate temp sensor would be great.

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:+1: This is exactly what we have done. A giant garden dial thermometer within camera view outdoors and smaller digital ones indoors. Also use the kind that remember the high and low for last 24-hrs in the greenhouse.

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That’s a brilliant idea.

Couldn’t a temperature timestamp be looked up on the Internet the same way many thermostats do? That wouldn’t require any sensor at all and the temperature would be close enough.

A thermometer in2 a camera, realy? B real b4 posting on2 a 4rum. Get a separ8 app 4 yur digital weather report. Wyze cam is a security camera, not a weather station.

Um. Wow.

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Why not? I have a Canary and it reports the temperature (and humidity and air quality). I’m using the camera outdoors and even most trail cams report the temperature.

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Bcuz it’s a security camera, not a weather station. U’re just cheap in spending $ 4 a weather station, & U want Wyze 2 do it 4 free. Like seriously, b real.

Hi @Sh828, Wyze wants to know what their customers would like for new products, as well as new features in current products, regardless of how feasible or realistic they may seem to be. That’s why the #wishlist category exists. :slight_smile:


It’s a smart home camera though some people do use it for security. DreadPirateRush is correct that we want to hear about requests. Please don’t talk down to your fellow community members or stifle their feedback to us.

This could be something that happens through an accessory that goes with Wyze Cam. We looked into that once upon a time but the method we looked into didn’t work out. It’s possible that this is something that will happen later.



Fine, I’ll stay off the forum so I’ll keep my comments 2 myself. Seem other comments r welcome, but not mine. Good luck in their wish list, though impractical. Your products rocks.


The big thermometer works pretty well but you have to take the trouble to go to the live stream. I very much want the temperature sensor but to be useful it needs to trigger an alert. I don’t much care about accuracy, just notification of a change. If I am monitoring an heated unoccupied building all I need is an alert if the temperature drops, for example, more than 5C. This would tell me there is a reason to go to the property in question.

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Pls very strongly consider adding temperature recording and date/time stamps and graphs to your camera, or to a separate sensor, or to any other sensors. Reasons: 1. It is quite useful and needed by millions. 2. Some D-Link cams (baby monitor) have it. 3. Leeo, which provided smoke alarm detection and temperature recording in its main sensor, went out of business. Your cam already provides smoke alarm detection but lack temperature detection. Maybe you might want to target former Leeo customers like me, who used to use it to monitor and record temperature. When you add temperature, pls ensure it supports IFTTT to make it really useful (Leeo provided IFTTT support for temperature). Thanks.

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Just added my up-vote for this feature after working with a number of Blink cameras over the past month.

Knowing the temperature of an unoccupied building is a VERY useful and important security feature for many people. Think chilled/overheated animals, or frozen plants/pipes.

Or just keeping tabs on very old/young people in occupied buildings.

The Blink implementation is primitive (no time/date/temp stamp), but it ~will~ send your phone/tablet a recognizable alert if the temp goes above or below your designated upper/lower temp limits. The temperature detection range is limited to between 40F and 90F, so no “hard freeze” alerts, but at least we don’t have to constantly pull up the camera feed to look at a physical thermometer anymore.

Seems like a great feature to build in when designing the upcoming outdoor Wyze cams! :grinning: :grinning:

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It would be cool to have the wyze cam with a built-in thermometer, with the temperature in the bottom of the video feed.

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Temp sensor would be great to have for our vacation home.

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I would like to see the temperature of the camera location displayed on the screen. We spend several months in Florida. One of the cameras is in a heated out building and it would be valuable to see that the heating system is working.

Originally, I was planning on suggesting a thermometer to be added to the outdoor cam before it is released (if possible). After reading some of the posts here, I think it would be better if it was an add-on so multiple could be purchased to be added to existing cameras that were not originally equipped with it. I also agree that it should be a sensor and not just something that reads the local weather and reports it back to you. I don’t think it should replace the Wyze logo though! My two cents…

Back in my early programming days, I worked in a test environment. This was in the days of the first digital encoders.

If they wanted to record the temperature, they would set up a film camera with a clock and temperature gauge in view of the camera.

So those who really want to know the temperature when viewing their camera: Remember the lessons of the past. Put a thermometer in front of the camera.