Weather Station with camera overlay of data

Would love to see a basic weather station option to record temp, wind speed, precipitation etc. this could either integrate with existing outdoor hardware systems or build a new Wyze weather hardware platform. Then have the data be available as an overlay of a camera (or multiple cameras) video.

If you add the option to export the data and camera feed to services like Weather Underground or others you may get additional users and sales based on a system like this.

This would be interesting to see later on for sure.

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Dont know about the feasibility of such and item but I would love to see an affordable weather station for my home with built in IFTTT and Alexa & google assistant. A small home screen could be an option but if you worked with systems such as alexa and google assistant to be your display I feel like that would decrease cost. I know the team is already working on a temp/humidity sensor so creating a rain gauge, wind turbine, air quality sensor, and barometer(some of these could be combined). Most people want around $200-300 for a complete system and you can’t tell me that’s how much it really costs to make. I could even see integration with the other wyze devices. You could have it set up that if the wind exceeds a certain speed the camera takes video.

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Didnt know about this topic but glad others have brought it up before!:clap::clap:

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I wonder if the USB could be used to overlay data on the camera video.

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This is just a question I have about what you are coming out with next. Do you have any outdoor digital weather thermometer in the works? I think that would be a great addition and I would purchase one.


I would really like to see a Wyze Weather Station developed. It would be best if there was individual components that could be added to customize the setup such as internal/external temperature sensors, humidity sensor, rain gauge and wind sensor. I have bought several currently on the market, but the problem with them is that they are dated and cannot add newer components, so if a sensor goes out a whole new system has to be purchased and installed.


This is a cool idea! I would buy a Wyze Weather Station :slight_smile:


Outdoor thermometer sensor

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • wind
  • wind chill
    Uv index
  • real feel

I’d like a Wyze indoor / outdoor thermometer / wind speed indicator / air quality sensor that could be used to tell my smart devices when things like temp outdoors finally falls below my indoor temp (time to open windows), or a breeze is blowing outside, or the air is worse outside, or the air is not good inside

Something good looking that sites inside the house with a remote unit outside

Something I can use with IFTTT or other similar services

Something I can ping from outside the house and that connects with wunderground and purpleair


It would be great to have a weather station in your garden providing real time data linked with weather channel sources, radar maps and ref ability to set alerts and be able to execute routines (or allow Alexa). Such as “If really windy, then close the shutters, turn in the lights and lock the doors”.

Make it fun to use, link it to an Astronomy App, Gardening App, and Calendars (“Take an umbrella!”).



I would love to see a weather station as well, does anybody currently have a weather station they like?


I would agree, some sort of weather/temp/humidity sensors would be great. I live in the Wyze Eco-System (love it). For my house, I have the “La Crosse Alerts Mobile”. The initial unit comes with a “Gateway” base-station that connects to a router via ethernet, then to remote sensors (battery) Temp and Humidity sensor(s) can have multiple connected to one Gateway. They offer Temp Only, Water detection sensors, and also compatible with some of their Weather stations. All sensors and staiton are visible thru a smartphone app. They are fairly reasonable in price, but I also feel that Wyze could break the price down maybe more.


I have an Ambient weather station and it is great. Thing is, I know Wyze could do better and it would be really cool if you could link it with smart actions/automations in the wyze ecosystem so you could do things like turn on a power switch if the temperature goes down to a preset level and similar things. I know they have the environmental sensors coming. Excited to see how that fits into the eco system.

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I would also love to see a Wyze weather monitor station. The station could inform the Wyze thermostat with outdoor temperature, humidity, etc. if such a monitor is introduced, I absolutely want to have a separate dedicated display with the option to have additional displays. But also display capabilities thru Echo Show, maybe even a Fire TV app.

A rain gauge could inform the Wyze irrigation system, as in, it’s raining, don’t turn on the water. Ideally, a user could program with rain allowances. ie, if :cloud_with_rain: > 1” this week, don’t run sprinkler.

I guess a rain gauge for that purpose could be stand alone for future integration with weather monitor station. But yes, definitely integration with Wunderground. Since we’re on a golf course I could imagine it would be a very popular WU station. I might even offer Wyze station naming rights. :wink::joy::upside_down_face:


How about a WYZE Outdoor weather station with readings for temp, wind speed, rain, humidity and etc.
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I too would love to see the Wyze family create or partner for a home weather station
the amount of data and funtionality is amazing. One very cool hardware OEM that just hit the market is a weather station with no moving parts! Tempest Weather System | WeatherFlow Tempest Inc.
Could be a quick win to add your great software to a great hardware platform!


I’m very interested in a Wyze brand Weather Station.


It would be great to have Wyze connected weather-station. Weather-stations that are currently on the market are quite expensive and have very limited connectivity options. For example ambientweather app has (awnet) is 1.7 rating on app store (even that is quite generous in my experience).

I am away frequently, live in a cold climate and use my Wyze cams less for security, and more to see if the snow is piling up, deliveries are made, and things like that. I point the inside pan cam at a thermometer so I can see what the temperature is inside. If the heating system fails in winter while I am away, that is a big problem.
It would be great to have a remotely accessible temperature monitor that would notify you of temperature issues. Perhaps cams could include that sensor? or what about a remotely accessible Wyze weather station with indoor temperature sensing? That would be a nice product - useful when you are home and when you are away.
I realize your thermostat probably does indoor temperature notification, but that won’t work with most mini splits or distributed heating systems.