Still cannot connect to my cameras when not on my home WIFI

Thank you!

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@WyzeJasonJ It would be great if Wyze would explain what the issues are for the benefit of the curious. As a former network engineer, I am having trouble modeling how a single set of devices can cause the kind of erratic behavior reported in this thread. I would love to be educated.

@mike.smith - You could also consider the TP Link XE75/AXE5400 2 node mesh for a few dollars more. It has router functionality. Depending on size of coverage area, 2 nodes common. I have 3 nodes and my coverage is great. Good for up to 1gb speed.

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@Earl.Automation you were absolutely right about the XB7 gateway blocking the live stream on Wyze cameras. After calling Comcast the other day to upgrade to XB8 gateway and getting denied because I didn’t want to spend more money to upgrade my plan so they can send me the gateway, I decided to use a Netgear Nighthawk R7800 that I already had. Once I set the XB7 in bridge mode and use the Netgear Nighthawk R7800 as the router, all my cameras live stream started working. I have been battling this issue for over 4 months now. I had so many thickets opened with Wyze trying to troubleshoot this issue. Once I learned from this forum that the problem most likely is the XB7 gateway, it took 5 minutes to fix it (granted, I already had the router).
Thank you very much for all your help with this issue. This forum has valuable information that fixed my live stream issue.
Kepp up the good work!


@mike.smith - That is great to hear! It’s unfortunate that there is an issue with this equipment and as WyzeJasonJ said “We are aware and have found multiple issues… we are talking to xFininity”… but who knows how long that will take and if all the issues get resolved???

And additionally; once a router/gateway is blocking your camera’s, then I would posit that “where there is smoke, there is fire”. What else is the XB7 doing to your network traffic? Once I have an issue with a device, everything that device is doing becomes suspect. And at point, I look to move on. I realize that’s not possible for everyone at all times. But, I would say that if you are jumping into the world of smart home “things”, you should be ready to spend some money to get things right. You can’t just wedge it into an existing network and expect things to keep working as they always have.

I’m glad you have been “unshackled”!


FWIW…I was curious about the status of my relative’s cameras (same types as me, and recommended to them as well…) as I was sharing my grief about the situation discussed here, and turns out, they don’t have this issue! :hushed: They are also an Xfinity customer as well, in the vicinity. Come to find out, their gateway is an X6!!! So clearly, something in connection with these X7, which is what I have. And to reiterate, this started for me around the “Feb’ish” timeframe this year. I’ve had the gateway for well over a year. (comtemplating the X8 resolution…possibly).

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@cjcab305 I have not been able to see the live stream since February as well. And I have an XB7 gateway from Xfinity. After I was unable to upgrade to XB8 for free (Comcast wanted me to upgrade to the next plan so they send me the XB8), I just set the XB7 in bridge mode and added my own router. Once I did that yesterday, cameras started working as they should. I had so many tickets open with Wyze to troubleshoot my cameras in the last 4 months and in the end I fixed this issue by myself in 5 minutes once I learnt from this forum what the problem actually was.

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That is probably when Xfinity pushed an update to the XB7.

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It may not have been the firmware, per-se, but could have been a something like a “list” update.

For example, Wyze routers use “Firedome” for their security feature and it is constantly updated even though there hasn’t been a firmware update all year. It just updates things like the latest “blocklist” and things like that without actually changing the firmware itself.

It’s quite likely this is something similar. At least I hope so. If it’s something like that, it might be easier for Xfinity to simply update their blocklist or whatever it is without going through all the headache a further update might cause.

Ive had wyze cameras a number of years and recently upgraded to the newer versions. We travel frequently and wanted access to our home while away. This year has been nothing but total frustration due to the inability to connect. Ive tried everything and no luck.
Recently, i decided to try a Blink system. I intalled 5 new Blink cameras right alongside the wyze cameras. Same locations, Same network. Ive not had a single connection issue with the Blink system.
I was happy with Wyze years ago, but no more. I’m done !!

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Just an FYI, I recently “upgraded” from XB3 to XB7. That is when all my livestream troubles began. Of all the Wyze cams I own and I’ll just say I have “a bunch”, the only one that actually works 100% is an old v2, sitting in my moms dining room. That is running off her cheap AT&T 5G WiFi service. That cam works flawlessly.

Why would you do that knowing that XB7 is causing all kinds of issues?

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I recently did have my modem upgraded. So I thought. Upgraded, still having problems…I was not happy.
Then I read your latest post and I got suspicious. I went downstairs and checked the modem. It was not upgraded to XB8 as I was told. It was XB7. Fortunately the Xfinity store is 5 minutes away and they had an XB8.
I’ve switched out the modems and so far it looks like I’m back in business with Wyze. I’ve been able to connect when away from home.
Thanks for your post. It made me recheck my whole system.


I didn’t know until getting on this forum. Then I was like “Oh crap! Why did I let Comcast talk me into this!”


Lesson learned. Thanks

Just posting the latest update for those following this issue/thread:

For what it’s worth,

I called into Xfinity support and told them that I was unable to stream my Wyze cams from outside my home network. We went through a few troubleshooting steps. Once I felt like the tech really understood the situation, I told them that I believed the xb7 to be the issue. Stating I had seen on multiple forums that it was in fact the problem. I also mentioned that others had upgraded to the xb8 and that fixed the issue. The tech put me on a brief hold and after that they offered me a free upgrade to a xb8 and it would ship the next day.

If you are lucky enough to get a good agent you can possibly guide them towards the solution and get the xb7 swapped out.

After I installed the xb8 all my cams stream like they should when I am home and away.


Sounds like my exact same situation.
The person I spoke with at Xfinity went through all the same diagnostics. He stayed with with me on the line while I jumped in my car, drove miles away to a school parking lot to try remote live. He flipped a switch, pushed a button, or not sure what he did. Everything seemed to work after that. I asked, if this happens again, can I get an upgrade to the XB8, as widely recommended by folks on this Wyze forum? At first he said I would have to upgrade to get it. When mentioned that my cameras worked perfectly when I had the old XB3, a month ago, he said he would “talk to a supervisor”. He came back after a short hold to say I could upgrade to the XB8 for free and my local store had one in stock.
I thanked him and after about an hour and a half on the phone, we hung up. (Finally, all eight of my various Wyze cameras were working……for about a day.)
When I went to the store, the [Mod Edit] kid wouldn’t let me exchange to new XB8 for free. [Mod Edit]
I gave up and went out and bought all Kasa brand cameras. They have worked great now for a couple weeks.
I am totally convinced now that there is some sort of firmware firewall issue with the XB7 that shuts out specifically the Wyze cams remotely. Wyze has their own issue that their firmware cannot work with this Xfinity firewall the way everything else does. (All my other WiFi stuff, lights, outlets, heater, garage door, have always worked fine)
I’m done with Wyze.

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Interesting to hear xfinity’s responses.
When I discovered I had the XB7 and not the XB8, I immediately when to the Xfinity store and explained my situation to the guy greeting customers and signing people in. He said “they give you a modem that matches the speed you purchase, if you want an XB8, you’ll have to upgrade your speed (I have Blast speed). Our agent will explain it to you.”
After waiting a short time, the agent called me up. I explained the situation again. She looked up my account and said: “oh, you definitely should have an XB8. Wait here and I’ll go get one for you.”
My 13 cameras finally work perfectly !!

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Feb 2024?
I’m having this same issue now. And supposedly fixed this in February.