Live View won't connect to wifi

I have 6 WYZE cameras which have been working without any problems for past 2 years. Then, last week my Comcast/XFINITY upgraded their network. Since then I’m unable to view live stream. Comcast has split my connections so that I have both 2.4G and 5G. My android cellphone is connected to the 2.4G. I’ve contacted both WYZE customer service and Comcast customer service and both tried to resolve the problem without any luck. Can anyone else offer any suggestions?
BTW - all cameras are recording events and I can view the events. I just can’t view live stream. I keep getting a message saying "connection failed.

It sounds like your cams are able to access the internet and reach the servers to push videos, and your phone can access the internet and reach the servers to view that video.

Where the problem seems like it is being created is when the app tries to launch\eatablish the P2P service that routes your cam stream directly to your phone and keeps the stream on your local network rather than thru the internet. Wyze uses TUTK, a Wyze Service Provider Partner company with local servers in the US, to establish that link. If the new Comcast Wifi router or other ComCast routing infrastructure has blacklisted or otherwise blocked TUTK, it won’t establish the P2P conduit and will fail. Comcast\Xfinity has a notorious reputation for not being cam friendly.

What happens when you switch off the WiFi service on the phone and go to Cellular Network Service or use another WiFi network\ISP?

Do you also have this issue when accessing microSD Playback footage while both are on WiFi?

Thank you for your information. I just discovered on my cellphone that I have 3 different Comcast connections to choose from: 2.4G, 5G, and XfinityWiFi. Comcast and Wyze had been telling me to use the 2.4G connection. I knew that the 5G connection wouldn’t work because Wyze told me that the cameras needed a 2.4G connection. Well, I figured, I’ll try the XfinitytWiFi connection and see what happens. Guess what…it worked. I don’t understand why it works. It doesn’t make any sense to me. But, I then saw that this connection is not a secure connection. The 2.4G and 5G are secure connections. I’m going to get in touch with Comcast again and find out about this. I didn’t try to switch off the WiFi service because I didn’t know that I could do that. I’m not very tech savvy. Also, I didn’t know that I could use another WiFi network/ISP? How do I do that?

This is only when you are initially installing the Wyze Cams. Both the cam and the device being used to install must be on the same SSID network so that the phone\tablet can provide the proper network SSID and Password authentication credentials to the cam. The cam isn’t discovering the SSID available for install, the setup routine in the app is getting that from the phone\tablet and pushing it to the cam.

Because some users, like you, have split bands and multiple SSID, it is just better practice to tell users to have the phone\tablet on the same band.

My network is a combined Mesh network. All of my bands are on the same SSID and the router determines the best band for the device. My phone is usually on 5Ghz while my cams are all on 2.4GHz but I am still able to successfully install because they are all on the same SSID.

Once the cam is installed, your phone\tablet should be able to use any SSID network or cellular network available (provide you have the password) to connect and stream.

It sounds like this network is your Guest Network. If it isn’t secured, it most likely is an open network that needs to be locked down so everyone nearby can’t use it.

My impression is that the WiFi router they gave you needs admin configuring to lock down the Guest Network and change the security on the other networks. You may be able to do that yourself if you feel confident. The admin login is usually on a tag on the bottom of the unit and the procedures for configuring the router can probably be found at: Internet Help and Support | Xfinity by Comcast

You can enter the router model and it should give you information on how to configure it.

Your phone\tablet is mobile. You should have full streaming, playback, notification, and settings access to the Wyze App and your cams anywhere in the world that you can get an internet signal… While on cellular data, the WiFi at the Starbucks, the neighbors WiFi, the Library WiFi… Once your cams are installed, from where your phone\tablet gets its internet is irrelevant so long as it will support the data stream.

I’ve had no issues with the cheap version of Xfinity, 110Mbps download and 6Mbps upload. The difference is I am using my own cable modem/router with a 2.4 and a 5.0 network, each with their own SSID. I set all 8 camera up on the 2.4 network as required and can view live view, events videos and playback from any place in the country via either Wi-Fi or cell data on my Apple devices.


I second the inexpensive Comcast service works for live view. I have 200Mbps down and 12Mbps up service. I also use my own cable modem and network equipment. In my state, if you use your own equipment the service provider cannot charge you tax. I pay $39.99 flat for my Internet service.

I used to use Comcast Business Class here at home. They wouldn’t renew my contract for the same price so I ditched the business class and now use Xfinity consumer class service. I’m saving $25 a month. My downstream is over twice as fast, but my upstream is a bit slower. It doesn’t matter though. I always cap my upstream at 8Mbps via my firewall. This ensures that my downstream never slows or drops even when I’m uploading or sending gigabytes of data. Cable broadband service has its issues, but can easily be worked around by manually throttling your upstream bandwidth.

If your SSID all have the same name, how do you know which one to use?

My Mesh router is capable of “Band Steering” and “Smart Switching”. Most new Standard and Mesh routers give the user the option to either operate a Split network (one SSID per band) or a Merged network (one SSID for all bands).

With a Merged network, every band the router supports (some routers now have 3 bands… ie 6E) is available on one single SSID network. When doing a Network search, only one SSID is found, not two or three like a split network. You don’t get to choose which band your device uses unless you go through the router settings for that client device and restrict it specifically to a single band. The router chooses the band for you.

When any device accesses or logs into the SSID, the router detects the bands the device is capable of using by pinging the device on each band and measuring the bandwith and signal strength return. The router then compares the results and determines the optimal band for the device for maximum connectivity and thruput. It does this polling constantly on each band and will switch the device to another capable band if it will improve connectivity.

In the case of Wyze devices, they are only capable of 2.4Ghz (there are exceptions) so they automatically get assigned to that band as they have no capability of returning a signal on any other band. My phone will occasionally get flipped from 5GHz to 2.4GHz if I get too far away or if my 5GHz is being taxed w\ heavy streaming (2.4 GHz reaches farther, but it’s slower and can’t carry the bandwith 5GHz can). I have my TV prioritized in the router on the 5GHz so it never switches, although it could if I took it a distance from the router. It is also capable of 2.4GHz.

If I’m understanding you correctly, are you saying that I may need to access the router and change the password of the router? I thought that I only needed to change the password through the app on my cellphone. I didn’t realize that the password needed to be changed in the router also. I don’t know why the Comcast customer service rep didn’t tell me that. He had me on the phone for over an hour telling me things like: “unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in”, and “delete the cameras, then reinstall the cameras”, etc. He never mentioned anything about a password. I called Comcast today and asked the customer service rep about the connection that isn’t secure, but he didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about. He kept insisting that all WiFi connections are secure, even though I told him that the connection is marked “not secure”. I’m getting so frustrated with Comcast that I’m about ready to switch carriers. I truly appreciate your assistance and patience with me. You’ve been a lot more helpful than anyone from Comcast has been.

If you are going to turn on the Guest Network (or configure what sounds like one that is already on… That 3rd XfinityWiFi SSID you mentioned) in the router to test if your cams will connect, you will need to access the router setup to configure the SSID and Password you set on that new network (as well changing any setting, configuration, SSID name or PW for any of the 3 networks). Since you have a split network, there should be a seperate config page for all three networks.

How you do that is up to you. If you have the router admin app on your phone (downloaded from Comcast or the manufacturers website), that will do it. If you don’t, you can go thru an HTML browser to login and access those settings. The Comcast Xfinity site should have those details.

I would not recommend you change the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network SSID or Password in the router until you test with the Guest Network. If you do, you will need to change the password for every device using that SSID and Password.

I wish you made house calls because you seem to know a lot more about my Comcast connection setup than Comcast reps know. In addition to the 6 Wyze cameras that are connected to the Comcast router via WiFi, I also have a desktop PC and 3 TV’S that are connected to the router via Ethernet cable connection. I also have a laptop that’s connected to the router via WiFi. I checked the network connection for the laptop snd it’s connected to the 2.4G. When I checked the connection on the laptop it also showed about 12 other networks that are in my area. Both the 5G and Xfinitywifi were included in this list of available networks. It showed that all of the networks were secured except for the Xfinitywifi. It showed that it was an “Open” network with a notation saying “Other people might be able to see info you send over this network”. I have my phone set on the “Xfinitywifi” connection, because that’s the only connection that lets me view live stream on my cameras. But now my phone is telling me that I don’t have an internet connection. I must have changed one of my phone settings without realizing it because even when I change the network on my phone to 2.4G, I still don’t have an internet connection.

The Xfinitywifi SSID is definately an unsecured (SSID only - no PW) network. The question is if it is coming from your router or from one of the many neighbors you have with broadcasting routers in your area.

You already know the SSID to your router’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz network because you have to enter your password to log into these. To verify if that guest Xfinitywifi network is being broadcast by your router, without logging into the admin config, unplug the router and see if it disappears. If it does, call Comcast and tell them you want it secured or shut off and that the equipment fails to allow access on your secured networks.

Are you paying rent for that router? My suggestion to anyone paying rent for a router from their ISP or who isn’t getting a free 6E Mesh router from their ISP is to call them and ask them to pick it up from the garbage can. I am a huge proponent of customer owned equipment that puts the control and configuration flexibility in your hands.

As others have posted :point_up:, it is possible for you to replace their equipment. You just have to know what equipment is compatible and I can’t help w\ that.

If your cams and your phone are on your secured 2.4Ghz network SSID when the cams install, there should be absolutely no reason for the router to disallow live streaming.