Live stream not working for over 2 months

I have not been able to see the live stream of my Wyze cameras for over 2 months now, when using iPhone or iPad. They all work just fine using a desktop computer, but not on iPhone or iPad. The internet is working and the cameras are online since they record any triggering movement. It is very frustrating not be able to see the live stream. I tried the live stream on local network and outside of the network. It just doesn’t work. If I power cycle the cameras the live stream works for about 10 minutes on iPhone and iPad, and then it quits working. It just spins, sometimes saying that device is offline other times give some error codes. Again, on the desktop computer the live stream works just fine. I have Wyze Cam v3 pro, Cam Pan v3 and Cam Outdoor that no matter what I tried I cannot get the live stream going on the mobile devices. The Wyze Battery Cam Pro that I purchased at the beginning of this year works fine and I can see the live stream on iPhone and iPad. But not for all the other ones.
I submitted multiple tickets with Wyze Customer Service, I followed their instructions to update/reset the app and cameras and nothing. In the end they all said to just submit the logs from each camera and the engineers will try to figure out.
I am getting to the point that I am going to give up on Wyze and move to a different platform. I know the live stream was an issue for them a few months ago, but what company takes months to troubleshoot and figure out the issue?

Am I the only user who has issue with Live Stream? PLEASE HELP!

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There is a known issue where some people are having a problem live streaming their cameras when their device is on a different network from the cameras. Wyze has found the cause and solution for a few different reasons for this, and is working on testing all the solutions. So hopefully there will be a fix coming out soon for anyone experiencing that still.

If you are using cable internet like Comcast Xfinity, some people have reported that the problem seems to be related to the xb7 gateway, and if they upgrade to the new xb8 gateway, or run their gateway in bridge mode and use a different router instead than their cameras will stream normally again.

If you are on the same network as the cameras, and still not able to live stream them, then this is a totally different issue, and not a normal one that is really known. Really known. In that case you should contact support so they can log in and look into it.

@carverofchoice Thank you very much for your input!
So my problem with the live stream is while being on the same network as cameras and also outside of that same network. I have contacted Wyze Customer Service multiple times and they only have me do generic troubleshooting like power cycling the cameras, making sure the firmware is up to date, reset the getaway for the Wyze Outdoor cameras, etc. Nothing helped. When they ran out of options they said to submit the logs from each camera and the engineers will try to figure out. They never offered to login and look into the issue, and to be honest i dont think I would be comfortable with them doing that: they seem to be reading from a script, and just copy/paste some troubleshooting steps, without actually having a good understanding on how systems work.
Looking at your reply, I do have Comcast Xfinity at my house and I have the xb7 gateway. It is crazy to believe that would be the problem. I wonder how many other users had this set up and they discovered being the issue.
Any other ideas on how to fix my live stream issue?

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You’d be surprised at the shear amount of users having the issue with xb7 gateway.

Check out this thread and see for yourself:


If you’re running through a proxy server, like iCloud Private Relay or 3rd party VPN/Proxy, try disabling it on your phone/tablet.

@Seapup I am not running any proxy servers.

I have the same problem. The live feeds on my desktop keep dropping. I am also on Xfinity. I tried range extenders and it didn’t help. I purchased a new router and it didn’t help. I would like to setup our surveillance system for our HOA but not being able to monitor 16 cameras on a monitor makes that not viable. I like everything else about my home Wyze system. I have been trying to get an answer for months but always end up in an email exchange.

@bizhelper I fixed my issue with the help of this forum, but on a different tread.
The problem was the XB7 gateway I had from Xfinity. It seams that it blocks the TuTk platform as @carverofchoice mentioned above. I tried to upgrade to XB8 but Comcast wanted more money to send me that gateway. So I just put the XB7 in bridge mode and use a Netgear Nighthawk R7800 as a router and the live stream works as it should now.
I see you mentioned that you purchased a new router. Did you put your gateway in bridge mode? If not, all the firewall setting set by Comcast that block the Tutk still apply and still blocks your live stream videos.

I hope this helps!


I’m happy to hear that you got this resolved! Thanks for the follow-up. :+1:

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My problem is NOT resolved. I am still losing the live feed on my desktop monitor. I have submitted log after log (more than 100) and always receive an email thanking me for submitting the log, but nothing changes. I have the same problem today. Only one camera can be seen on the live web feed. I appreciate your help but I am very non-technical. I am considering alternate options to meet my needs.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are just submitting logs and not giving them to a support agent, your logs aren’t even being seen by anyone. You need to contact support. The good news is that all the logs you submitted are still saved in your app history, so it’s not too late to pass them on to someone:

To be clear, I am not a Wyze employee, just another Wyze user/customer who tries to help people on here.

If you are having problems with your live stream and you aren’t a technical user, then I would definitely recommend contacting Wyze support so they can walk through some standard troubleshooting steps.

I would go to this website and let the chatbot know what your problem is:

It will suggest a few standard troubleshooting steps, but you can tell it all it’s suggestions didn’t resolve your issue and it will eventually ask if you want to email or chat with a support agent. They can work with you.