Live feed not working

I have not been able to get live feed off of my camera, when i am not at home. I wanted to use this to check on the home when not there. So far that is not working. I am able to see my notifications, if i check them. When i try to get live feed it shows the bubble goes through 1-3, 3 times never getting the live feed, then gives me a Connection failed error code O. What am I doing wrong? Wanted to purchase several more cameras but not if they are not going to work when not home.

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I have the same problem. Got no help from Wyze. Their solution: set it up again. How does that help when I’m far from home?

Android or iOS ? What version of the app and firmware are installed?


On Android the app is v. 1.3.123. Firmware is

My app says: Please try to power cycle the camera.

On iOS v. 1.3.116. Here I just get the circle continuously trying to connect.

I will be away from the location where the camera is for quite a while so there’s not much I can do.



not sure how to check firmware ???

3.66.00 ???

When you are at home and can connect to your Wyze camera, in the App select the Wyze camera and and then tap the gear icon at the top right. Then tap the Device Info. It will show Device Model as “Wyze Cam” for v1 and as “Wyze Cam v2” for v2. Look for “Installed firmware version”, it will tell you the firmware that is installed. The last line “Firmware Upgrade” will show the latest available firmware, and will normally be the same as the “Installed firmware version” unless there is a new version available that you have not upgraded to yet.

Same problem for me. Live feed not working. Have submitted 2 help emails with no reply.

You should upgrade your Android firmware to the latest version ( Firmware has some connection issues which have been fixed in the latest firmware version.

As for iOS I am not sure of the latest app and firmware versions.



I’m having the exact same problem on ios 11.3.1 With 2 new cameras on 1.3.115.

When I I’m at home whether with wifi or LTE live feed on both cameras work perfectly. When I leave the driveway I can’t get either live feed to work but I still get notification video. It’s weird.

Worse than weird-makes the cameras useless.

Ok so for the very first time i got live feed from my office for my wyze cam that is at home it lasted less than 10 seconds then was gone. Is this a start of getting something fixed??


So, did you install the latest camera firmware? If yes, How did it go?


I believe i already had the latest firmware and i have an iphone 7

not sure if that makes any difference.

I’m only using Android and the V1 cam so I can’t help you much with iOS. I suspect that it should work with your firmware and app version otherwise we will hear much more people about these connections problem. Are you having difficulties connecting only from work? What about when you are on LTE (mobile data) or any other network than work? There might be firewall rules at your work site which prevents you from connecting to your home cam. Or firewall rules on your router which prevent outside connections.

Unless there is a problem with the iOS version of the app which I am not aware of.

Sorry for not being able to help you much.



I can’t do anything with my firmware until July when I return to the location where I have the camera. Somehow I don’t have a lot of confidence that this is a firmware issue.

Ok this is getting ridiculous I now have 2 support tickets in for this problem. Really need some answers, if this is not going to work

I need to be sending this camera back and look for something different. Live feed when only at home is not really what i wanted.

I am having the same problem with 3 new V2 cameras.

Wow my live video is working for the first time when not on my home WiFi.

Hope it continues

how did it work? I noticed that when I’m on mobile data and trying to get the live feed it doesnt use any data and that’s why doesnt get any picture but once I get to wifi it starts loading fine

I have the same problem!!! Cannot stream i wrote to them and a i have a “quickly” answer. They asked me to do like 6 steps, connecting by data cel, by wifi, bla bla bla. And nothing works! I just gave up. If someone could fix it please share!!

And of course i wont recomend this camera to anyone that want stream.