Still cannot connect to my cameras when not on my home WIFI

Back in April, Xfinity sent us an email, telling us that if we brought in our old XB3 gateway, they would swap it out for free to the newer XB7. They told us “we would get more internet speeds”. We were happy with what we had but we also knew had had issues in the past with another XB3. We kinda got the feeling that maybe Xfinity was gearing up for something. So we took the deal. It was after getting the XB7, that we started having issues with our loss of remote livestream feeds. My wife tried to take back the XB7 and try to get our old XB3 back. They not only wouldn’t do it but talked my wife into buying the next higher tier service.
Revision 10 XB7
Firmware TG4482PC2_6.3p19s1_PROD_sey


@LostSalmon @Brooke

I couldn’t recreate this issue exactly, but @Venavatio mentioned about enabling DMZ solved his issue gave me an idea about blocked ports. I started blocking a bunch of ports to my camera. I couldn’t access my cameras livestream remotely or locally on Wi-Fi when I started actively blocking port 443 and from port 451- 464 to my cameras.


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Changed my xb7 firewall settings to custom and blocked everything except peer to peer:

Turned off wifi and all my cams come up fine now. We’ll see if they stay up, but I’ve never had them all come up without rebooting. Think you are onto something with port blocking. My xb7 came with firewall settings set to low, just fyi.

UPDATE: tried again about 6 hours later and cams not working again. So weird!!!


So Brooke, how do you get into these settings? Phone app? PC lan?

Type in the browser to login to the modem gateway. According to their XFinity’s support page, the default login should be:

Username: admin
Password: password

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Good find but why not get the free upgrade router?

Good troubleshooting.

Because Rogers gave me the runaround and is not handing them out…at least not for me!


Good Evening All

Many Thanks to all the Owner/Users who have shared experiences here as well as anyone who contributed positively to this thread.

This afternoon I stopped by my local Xfinity store and exchanged my XB7 for an XB8 which the were very happy to give me after I explained my situation involving remote viewing when traveling and the fact I had WYZE cameras.

Brought it home, activated it through the Xfinity App.
It lit up immediately and allowed me to enter my SSID and Password again, through the App.

Opened the WYZE App on my phone with WiFi OFF and deleted all of my cameras.
Then power cycled each camera and added it to the app while using Cellular Data ONLY as it were a new camera, named it, added it to my Cam Plus Unlimited before moving on to the next camera.

After completing the project, I’m pleasantly surprised and glad to say that all Cameras & Events are now available when using Cellular Data Only!!!

While this is only a “Parts Change” rather than a diagnosis and technical solution for all, it will diminish some pain for Comcast customers and other providers who offer the XB8.

If any contributors who have been working diligently to assist and are technically qualified to reverse engineer this remedy, this will allow forensic analysis of the XB7 to be used for comparison with the presets on the XB8.

I’ll continue to test and post the results as things progress.

To everyone who is unable to invoke this solution, my heart goes out to you and your family.

We have come to rely heavily upon the availability to check up on our homes and families.
When WYZE products work properly, they are a leader in their price point with a large international following.

It’s unfortunate and possibly concerning that we haven’t seen more/any assistance, real-time information, or resolution from WYZE.

I’ll continue to be a customer as long as this is the last issue that I experience.

Best of luck to all attempting to crack this one.
Hope this helps.


Yes. They tend to do that to nice people. I called back and found someone more agreeable.

My old router was out of date and not being updated. I asked for a replacement from wifi 5 to wifi 5. I heard you may get 6e. Good luck.

I would be curious if anyone here who is using a good Mesh WiFi system is having these issues? I pulled the trigger on the Wyze Pro Mesh WiFi and it changed the game in my house. It is WiFi 6E (I know the devices don’t use that), but it also means other devices (my laptop, phone) can use the 6E band and help to unclog the normal band. Newer Mesh systems have better CPU, RAM, and buffer sizes that allow it to handle MANY more devices on your network. Wyze advertises 75 I believe, real-world is probably different if they are all streaming video out of your house (i.e. sending data UP to the internet not downloading Netflix).

I’ve also heard folks having great performance with the TP-Link Deco, Eero 6 Plus, and Netgear Orbi.

It seems that people that have a Mesh WiFi (6E) system do not have these issues. I think most of us misunderstand Upload vs. Download and also, that speed is not the sole factor in network performance. Name Resolution (DNS), CPU/RAM speeds on your router, all the other devices on your network you don’t properly account for, and the general configuration required by some routers to be optimized (out of the box is NOT the same on all routers).

Fun Fact: did you know Wi-Fi doesn’t mean anything? It is a made up word that is not short for anything. Marketing to be like “Hi-Fi”. Made to relate to the old-timers back in 1999. (I was 24 then) … so long ago.

Source: Wi-Fi - Wikipedia.

Thank you for your detailed input. I do not have Wyze Cam Plus nor do I feel I should have to purchase it just to see if any of my cams might work again. Albeit waning, I will try to remain hopeful that Wyzes engineers can conquer this issue.

Using good wifi mesh here but the issue persists. All of my other wyze connectivity issues went away with mesh and moving other IOT devices to xb7 wifi network.


Deco has treated me well with wifi 6.

The thing with finding an issue like this or with any scientific measurement is you need a known good, or control. That is hard to do with this kind of setup… but I can provide my network as a control (for sake of an example). I have 13 cameras, motion, lights, contacts, t-stat, lock, Netflix, phones, and computer… all on my network (about 60 devices connected).

So, I can come along and say everything works great for me (not perfect) but overall, works great. Does that cancel out your experience? No. It simply adds more data to what is happening.

It does mean that the problem is NOT in the camera’s. If my camera’s work, and yours don’t… it could only be proven to be the camera’s if all things were equal. They are not. We have COMPLETEY different network setups and network providers.

I would start turning knobs inside your router #1. That is easiest and as long as you write down what you change, you can always put it back. That is a GREAT way to troubleshoot. If you beat that horse dead… then…

Go buy another Mesh Wifi 6E system. One that you can return. Set it up with the same Wi-Fi name and test it… same way… see what happens.

Until you start changing things and measuring each cause and effect, then spectulating on blame is pointless and you will be wrong 9 times out of 10. You need data and testing.

I’m an I.T. guy by trade. This has been my life for 30 years. When things get weird, start tearing it apart and seeing what you see.

Your experience is NOT normal. Most of us work just fine. Networking is complicated and non-standard. And sometimes, oddities can NOT be explained or they can’t be seen to be explained.

That’s my opinion and exactly how I would troubeleshoot your network. I would also take your camera’s to a different network and see what happens… or have a friend setup a hot-spot with the same wi-fi information… and connect to your camera via your phone that way.

Change settings, change routers, move cameras. You will find your issue if you do this.

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Maybe you can share a camera to someone that has a problem, since you have a known good network?

If they connect fine, BINGO !!!

Someone message me. I will share. That is a good idea for a test! Bravo to you sir or madam!


I guess I have lost track of some of the issue… Are we saying that you can’t connect to your home network, NO matter what phone, tablet, or Wyze Portal???

That would require you to connect to my Shared Camera on every device possible and see which ones don’t work. If you phone doesn’t work but your computer/tablet does work… then your phone has an issue. That is not Wyze. I’m guessing you will be able to connect to my camera but not yours, which would say your home network has a config issue of sorts.

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Here’s what I’m doing if I have this issue and keep in mind you have to check a phone, tablet, or PC for each one of these test settings. This will ensure you don’t have a software error on your phone, or tablet, or PC that is interfering. It’s the only way to eliminate doubt. Everyone is a suspect when something isn’t working. If you have it in your head it’s one thing, you will be blinded to other possibilities and errors. Trust nothing.

  1. Change router settings. 1-by-1. Don’t change 2 things at once. Test after every change and test on all devices.
  2. Change physical router to Wi-Fi 6E. Mesh Wi-Fi if your house is big. Coverage is important. You can always take the router back to the store if the test is not fruitful. Test on all devices.
  3. If you can’t buy a new router, use a Hotspot on a friend’s phone that is configured with your same SSID/Password. Let camera connect to that and see if you can connect using all devices.
  4. Connect to another friend’s Wyze camera (if they share with you) and see if you can see that camera using all your devices.

You do this. You solve the problem. No stone un-turned.

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Connectivity of wyze cameras is not related to mesh coverage or wifi signal strength. It was okay a few minths ago with tge same years old equipment, it should be now as well. It is not.