Still cannot connect to my cameras when not on my home WIFI

It is in relation to the sum of it’s parts. The camera’s are not operating independently of any other device or configuration.

When there is a problem, we tend to want to POINT to this one thing and never think it can be anything else.

I’m saying… I have a working network with working Wyze cameras. So, I’m hypothesizing that other factors are at play. I provided a methodolgy and reasoning for this e.g. age/capability of router, vast differences of routers, # of OTHER devices on the network, network profile of those devices, configurations of routers, your network provider, your phone, or computer.

You can say it’s not dependent on quality networking that is capable of handling YOUR personal network. But then, how do you account for my and other’s experiences? Are we dreaming?

Test my theory… go through the troubleshooting. Or just say… “no, it’s not that.” and have the same problem tomorrow.

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I have TP Link Deco 6e, but I also have my own Gateway. Xfinity for home internet, Verizon for cellular. Local, remote, vpn, all have worked for me in terms of access. My gateway paid for itself in 18 months based on Xfinity’s monthly charge for it’s gateway. More than pleased with performance and results, especially the ability to create a dedicated IoT network.

If your ISP charges for its equipment monthly, it’s almost always a good bet to buy your own. That’s assuming you can afford the upfront cost.

I used to have Spectrum and I did. My current ISP isn’t charging for its equipment but I still replaced the router; its WiFi is weak.

Let me chime in and support @Earl.Automation 's theory.

I have two properties with two different ISP’s. When I first got into the Wyze game I was having so many issues with my cameras that I was blaming Wyze for everything.

At one property I had modem/router combo supplied by ISP. At the other I had my own separate modem and router. So, “obviously” it was Wyze causing the problems as everything else was working fine.

Then I went and bought an Eero 6 and bypassed ISP’s router and all my cameras were dancing a happy dance. So, I went home and I checked the specs on my router and modem. Both were good but old. So, I splurged and bought a new modem and another Eero 6 and poof all my cameras were happy again.

I haven’t had any issues in over a year now.

What many people don’t understand is and they get confused by is that they compare their cameras to their streaming devices. Netflix and all streaming devices use buffering to bypass slow download speeds. Cameras on the other hand don’t give a crap about download speeds, they do care about quality of the upload stream.

So, take @Earl.Automation 's advice and investigate your network topology.

It seems that some of our senior participants have come out of the shadows and are offering their advice in hopes that enough of us will proceed with our efforts and share whatever the outcome is allowing for more samples to be added to existing data.

If your efforts happen not to be successful, don’t get discouraged.
Establishing a Baseline or Constant to compare each person’s efforts to is crucial to chasing this mouse into a corner.

If instructions shared seem like an alien language, I believe that there are some among us who are now chiming in that possess the skills and abilities to solve this problem and welcome the challenge if for no other reason than hopefully being the one or part of the team that identifies the issues and puts forth the solutions.

It would look good on a resume…

Yesterday I added 6 cameras to the new, stock out of the box BX8.
2 - V2 P/T
2 - V3 Fixed
2 - V3 P/T

All are still functioning well allowing Live Stream & Events on Cellular Data Only.

Updates To Follow

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@IMRIPNITUP It’s all I need to hear!!! :+1: Thanks for posting a second time and validating it ‘sticks’! Should be a very easy fix to have my Xfinity gateway upgraded (replaced) to an XB8 from one of their stores in my area! Thanks again!

Ok, so I am just off web chat with Xfinity technical support. I must have had the well skilled and friendliest person they employ offshore. It took about an hour including some interesting side chat while the diagnostics were running. Whatever diagnostics were run on their end made it work again after setting the security back to low. There were other diagnostics that were still running as we ended the chat that could take a couple more hours.
The immediate result has been all of my cameras are accessible via cellular connection with the exception of 2 cameras, both v2 Pan Cams out of 18 Wyze devices. Also, verified that I am eligible to upgrade the gateway to an XB8 should the issue persist or even return.
I know some of this may be redundant to others’ posts, never-the-less I wanted to share the experience along with the results.
Xfinity fixed the issue.

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So upgrading to XB8, does that mean a higher rental fee on our bill?

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Upgrade under any situation. I heard it was part of your support agreement and an upgrade to wifi 6. Seems a no-brainer to me. :thinking:

Good work on the troubleshooting.

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