SmartThings Integration

This thread is old but would love to have Wyze work with smartthings.


Connect to Samsung smart home apps (Matter!)

I wish I could connect to my Wyze devices through the Samsung apps. Get bulbs and locks through SmartThings. Get the scale measurement in Samsung Health. Hey, it works with Google Fit.
These days, smart home apps need to play along.
What’s the MATTER?

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Looking to add more cameras. Was hoping Wyze had integrated with SmartThings by now. Sadly, I’ll need to move forward with another brand. :frowning:

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They blew us off way back when it made sense. Now we have to wait for Matter integration - which will no doubt be a long way off. I’ve given up on Wyze for most things - they are just not customer oriented.

That would be nice. I’m pretty po’d because I purchased three Wyze cams only to find out there is no Wyze app for Roku. And only to find out Wyze bought out Wyze and are just repackaging these cams as “Roku” cams and not allowing “Wyze” cams to connect to Roku tv. This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

When I saw the Roku camera at WalMart, I spent some time with it before returning it.

Wyze and Roku are two different companies. Both source their cameras from the same manufacturer. The Wyze v3 and the Roku use the exact same hardware. The apps are identical in form and function with only Wyze and Roku branding changed. The Roku camera uses different firmware than the Wyze v3. The Roku app has the same landscape issues that the Wyze app does. The Roku camera cannot be added to the Wyze app, and vice versa. I know, I tried.

So why would Wyze have a Roku app?

Your statement “Wyze bought out Wyze” makes no sense. Perhaps you meant Roku bought out Wyze which is not true. There are many posts here mentioning the Wyze/Roku cameras.