Service Advisory: Failed Events and Notifications - 7/25/22

Great idea! Ill play with that when i get back.

what is a smart plug and how is that supposed to help? None of these problems existed two weeks ago for me. And all of a sudden both cameras go out in a week and now can’t find local network? Come on. This is Wyze. Not us. There is no setting for me to select a freaking gHz. It is supposed to pick this automatically. We are not IT people. They better fix this quick before they are losing customers. I’m about to walk away.

A smart plug is a WiFi enabled IoT plug that you plug into the wall and then plug your cam into. It allows you to turn the plug on and off like a light switch using your phone anywhere you have internet, thus automatically power cycling your cams. There are many links to products in this thread:

So what changed two weeks ago? If this were Wyze, wouldn’t everyone be experiencing the same issues? Mine haven’t changed.

Correct. Wyze cams (except VDBPro) ALL use the 2.4GHz band exclusively. They will ONLY log into that 2.4Ghz network. It depends on how you have your WiFi network configured. Single band? Dual band Single SSID? Dual band separate SSID?


It’s really sad that we have to invest in smart plugs just to keep the cameras working. Besides the expense it’s just another thing to add to my home network that uses power. If the cameras worked as they are advertised, then none of this extra stuff would be needed.


How do I know? We have had the same network for a year and these cams never had issues on that same network. And all of a sudden they stop and cant find the network?

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Amen to that!!

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Im starting to read more people with these problems. All of a sudden i need to pick a network. Why is it not auto detecting anymore? I did not just buy these. Never had problems until about 2 weeks ago. They sent 2 new ones. 1 works just fine.

When you purchase the equipment, there is an expectation that you know how to use and configure it.

Please be more specific here. When you do the camera install, you have always needed to pick the network as it is possible for the cams to see all networks, even your neighbor’s or a guest network. This is where you pick the name (SSID) of your home WiFi network.

Additionally, you need to be sure your phone is logged into that same network, you have GPS location on, and that you have the correct password that was set on that router for that network band.

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I have had Wyze cameras for 6 years and never had to use them with a smart plug.

Why? Again I have had multiple Wyze cams for 6 years and never had to use a smart plug with them or power them off and back on every 24 hours. You all need to stabilize your home wifi first.

Force of habit from before when my network was crap. Now that I have a robust router, it is just proactive prevention so they get a fresh signal. I have a couple in far flung corners of the network that have a habit of switching from the extender to the weaker and more distant router. Can’t say it helps… but it doesn’t hurt either.

I also find that the plugs are incredibly useful for the cams that I have in hard to access mounts after FW updates require a restart.

Whatever. A lot of unneeded work.

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Again, the work had already been done prior to upgrade. Now it is all automated and requires no work. But, I agree… whatever.

What is going on??? What happened to your cameras? I’m so close to walk away bc every single day i get more annoyed! Now it’s missing recordings. Its filming whenever. Some yes, some no. Dont tell us it’s our software. Prior to buyout everything was fine. You’re going to lose customers quickly if you don’t get all this fixed. I’m paying for a prescription with no camera. Awesome! Because all of a sudden it wont find the same network its been connected to for a year!!! We are not IT! We shouldn’t have ANY of these problems.

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Nope hardly recording anything anymore. Nothing has worked the same for 2 weeks now. Im about to cancel everything and go to a different company. This has been ridiculous. Cant find the very network it was connected to for a year just fine. And other replacement cam will record randomly!!

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Just the fact that so many are having the same problem at the same time points to Wyze. That being said, this is the first time in 4 or 5 years ive had a problem that wasnt my own fault .(i had an outlet that kept going out)

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exactly! Yet nobody is taking stand and fixing it or giving us an update. Instead we need special plugs or split networks. I’ve had these cameras for 2 years now and NEVER a problem. Power or internet outage or change. The cam is supposed to pick the network automatically! I never had to choose and how come one cam connected just fine of the new ones they sent?
This is just from THIS january!

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to your first statement “when I buy the equipment there is an expectation that I know how to use it”?
It worked just fine for 2 years. Nothing changed on our end. It should NOT be me having to do IT work when these cameras should connect automatically. 2 went out within a week apart. 1 new sent one works. Even tho fails at recording. Seems to choose when it wants to record, yes even after 80% of detection settings and sloooowly walking up the stairs.

I installed these 2 years ago when I bought them. And again 6 months ago when we switched internet providers. It did never once ask me to choose and i have deinstalled and reinstalled these several times.

Of course I am connected to the same network / out home network. I don’t have the neighbors SSID and passwords. So yes it is ours. Has been the entire time. We only have the one but I guess it’s already split but not listed. Roommate said he hasn’t changed anything. So not sure what to do at this point and why one of the new cams they sent oddly works. Minus the spotty recording. All these issues, and I can tell I’m not the only one only started happening recently.

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It is unfortunate you are having these problems.

There are many advanced users here who can probably help. However, in the 19 posts you have submitted since joining the forum on 7\20, you have not provided any detailed critical information as to what specifically you are experiencing. All we know right now is 2 cams quit; two were replaced; one installed, it isn’t recording; one didn’t install and it can’t see the network.

You have to provide some details if you expect someone here to provide technical support.

What model cam are we even talking about here? Where within the install setup does it fail to connect to the network?
Have you verified that your phone is logged into the WiFi and not on cellular data?
Is you GPS location on?
Can you possibly post a screenshot of the setup when it fails or at least a detailed description of what it is telling you and when?

As for the cam not recording:
What model?
Cloud Events or SD recordings?
Are you a CamPlus or CamPlus Lite subscriber?
AI events or Motion Events?
What are your Event Recording settings?
What are your Notification settings?
Are your Events Tab filters set to show that cam and the type of events you want to see (motion vs AI)?

There are TONS of variables that could be causing the issues you have described… But no one can pinpoint the problem until you share the details.

From all of your various posts, the only setting I have been able to lock down is that your Sensitivity setting is at 85.

Also, the article you posted in your last post only applies to the V1 cam which Wyze has discontinued and no longer supports because it cannot be updated with necessary security patches. This is a well documented discontinuation of outdated hardware. The V1 reached its End Of Life as all hardware will.

We’re your previous cams that quit V1 cams?
Did Wyze Customer Support replace them?


Quick update before I reply to you: yesterday I tried to connect again and at 2nd try it connected. Right away this time how it used to. It’s worked so far but it doesn’t show me the length of the clips anymore in the list and has way shorter recordings. I have a special needs animal and use some of the clips to share on his insta to help others (blood testing). So if I’m sitting with him for 5 min it only recorded 12 seconds. And parts are missing. Its there in playback but not as shareable event. So that is different now too.
I’ll reply shortly to your last reply.