Service Advisory: Failed Events and Notifications - 7/25/22

I thought I stated that many times. That it all of a sudden cant find local network. Internet was down for a sec or min and cam wouldn’t reconnect. First the one in our hallway thats looking at the router. They sent me a new one. It worked. A week later second cam same thing happened. Cant connect or find local network. They sent me a new one two. I set it up. It worked for a day but didn’t record the same way. Caught way less. And it was down since. It would connect here and there and crash again. Thats the new one they sent. So last night i tried it again bc i was going to try different places in our house again but it connected at second attempt. That update I wrote.

This is most likely because you had the GPS on this time. When you setup a Wyze Cam, Wyze uses your GPS to remember where you are for that network so it can auto choose it for you in the future. Because you can have cams on your account all around the world, you can have cams on multiple networks. The app will auto assign the network based on the phone GPS location because it remembers that GPS location as the location for that network.

If this is a cam you need to have on CamPlus or CamPlus Lite, you will need to assign that cam to the license in Account → Services. When you do, you should get 12s (CPL) or full length recordings (CP) in the Events Tab.

Also, make sure your Event Filters are off. Events Tab → Funnel Button → Clear All.

I have 2 V3s
Cloud events or SD? Idk. It has an SD card in it. 32Gb I think.
AI events or Motion events? How do i see the difference? I can send screenshots of anything if needed.
Event recording: continuous.
Notification settings: In App & Push
Events filtered? Please elaborate. Im not sure.

12s clips are the default for CamPlus Lite subscriptions.

You can press record while in Playback of the SD card and it will save the longer recorded clip to your Album for that cam where it can then be shared.

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Ok. I have set these up numerous times. I did not turn on or off any GPS systems. I never had to. The set up was always simple. Follow the steps and it worked. Never did i have to do anything differently or change settings.

I did assign them. One already a week ago and this one after i connected. Can i share screenshots in here?

K. Let me check those settings.

Why would I want all events to be off? I always had both cams selected plus what i wanted to catch. Pet yes, car no, etc.

Cloud events are the clips that show up in the Events Tab.

Local SD recordings are those that play from the Playback button. This can be set in the advanced settings for that cam to either Continuous or Motion Only.

In your Event Recording settings for each V3, once you have it assigned to CamPlus, you will select Detects Motion. Then under Smart Detection, you can select which AI events you would like for your cam to tag for you.

Continuous is not an Event Recording setting. This is an SD Recording setting accessed through the Advanced menu. Keep it set to Continuous.

These are notification settngs for the app, not the cam. In the cam settings, you will see a notifications bar, there you can set that cam to notify you when there is any motion, or just AI motion you recorded in the Event Recording settings, or everything.

The Events tab will show you only what you tell it to. Clear all shows everything, check the blue boxes to show only what you check.

The Wyze ecosystem has evolved. These may be new setup features you never experienced before. With greater functionality, new features, and scalability comes more setup options and expanded settings.

Ok. I see you do have them assigned. So, you might need to clear the cache and reload.

Follow these steps. Make sure you know your Wyze password before you do this: go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache. Then log out of the app, close app, long press Wyze Icon → App Info → Force Close. Then open app, log back in and test. If that doesn’t work we can do some other things.

Not sure what you mean: Event Recording settings or Cam Notification settings?

It MUST be on in the cam Event Recording settings for you to get any Smart AI events

Ok. Sorry i don’t know how to reply to segments. So it’ll all be in this reply.
• Do I want cloud or SD? I always had an SD card in but don’t remember my initial selection before all this happened.
• all seems to show up in events tab as list but they all say motion and no times. I can share screenshot if it helps
• AI Events or Motion once cam plus selected: I don’t remember selecting that. Ive been in and out so many times reselecting all my settings that I’m sure i selected motion and sound. As i did a year ago. However now it’s all different. “Then under smart detection” where do i find this now? The area I can select?
• So do the notifications impact my recordings? They shouldn’t right? Why is that important? And what do i need to set what as if it matters.

Dont need vehicle. Taking this off.

This is the Motion thing I was saying. No times shown on right hand side and often records when nothing happens but cuts short when 5min should be recorded.
It really should not be this complicated. New features whatever. Then selections need to be more intuitive and not hidden behind submenus and branched off menus.
So if I have assigned them to cam plus why is IT assigning me to lite?? I cant access anything or manage my account other than assigning. On the web log in neither. This is user unfriendly for anyone with decent tech knowledge. Really. You shouldn’t have to be a pro to get the most common things selected.

Highlight the segment in the previous post that you want to reply to and click “Quote”

Since you have CamPlus, you have both. Your Events Tab will show you your Cloud Recorded full length video clips (motion only and AI tagged. Your Playback button will play the footage _rom the local SD card, which you already indicated was set to record continuous.

A screenshot would help. It sounds to me like the CamPlus license on that cam isn’t acting properly after you assigned it. It may need to be refreshed by clearing the cache as I indicated before. This has happened to other users and a cache clear usually does the trick to force a reload of the settings from the Wyze Servers.

This can be set and changed any time you want. Open the cam in live view → click the settings :gear: gear wheel → select Event Recording. Detects Motion MUST be on to get ANY cloud events. Click the Smart Detection bar if you want the cam to recognize objects.

No. This is your Detection Zone under your Detection Settings to block out an area you want the cam to ignore.

Yes. The cam and the app have evolved greatly in the past year. Growth and progress.

No, notification settings for each cam will not affect the recordings, only when you phone tells you there is a new recording.

For example, I have 10 cams recording all motion events and tagging various AI events. I leave the ‘All Other Motion’ notifications setting off because it would otherwise be notifying me 1000 times a day every time a twig or leaf moved.

Your settings in the Cam Notifications depends on what you want your phone to alert you to. Every motion event? Every sound event? Only Smart AI events?

Also note, all sound events will be 12s clips regardless of CamPlus. Detects Sound must be on in Detection Settings to get notifications.

I see your screenshots. The Smart Detection Settings is fine.

In the Events Tab screenshot, where you blacked out the pictures, is there an icon on the thumbnail image of a mountain with a moon rising?

It looks to me like you are getting thumbnails only, not clips, which means the CamPlus on that cam isn’t loading properly.

  1. Make sure your app is up to date in the app store. Upgrade if necessary
  2. Make sure cam firmware is up to date in Account → Firmware. Update if necessary.
  3. Run the clear cache sequence from above.

Note… Only NEW events will be affected. There is no way to recover old events that are not full length clips. The SD card should contain this footage.

I agree, the app need an overhaul. There is a learning curve for someone who hasn’t used it a lot

That is a good question. But, you are not the first to experience a subscription not applying properly.

Again, a cache clear usually does the trick. If not, we can clear the OS cache too. Then we can unassign, cache clear, OS cache clear, reassign and test. Sometimes it takes some time.

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ok. the clearing cache worked! Both cams now show the times! Yay.

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Let’s see if quote works. I’m on a laptop now. If it gets all fumbled up you know why.
ok. All selected as was before. It is how I want it so I’ll leave that alone.

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Interesting you mention this. I am going to give that a try for a couple days to also eliminate the 20 per day events of a shadow moving from. a tree and etc…

The rest of this thread is maddening. Should be a phone call.

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Hope it helps. Even with this though, I do still get a frustratingly high number of false positive AI tags, mostly Person.

Because I have cams that I want to detect at a distance, I am reluctant to drop the sensitivity any more than it already is. I suspect this may be a factor.

I wouldn’t expect that Customer Service could accomplish a fix for this user even in a phone call, which is probably why the cams were replaced in the first place!


Glad everything is working now. And you have advanced to the next level of IT pro!:clap:

I’m not sure what went wrong with the other two cams… But I suspect they may still be good cams that just need to be reset. Customer Service would rather replace the cam than take the time to help someone fix them.

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I had a v2 that i had never used then it crashed on the update when i first used it and went dead. I got a whole 15 dollar gift card…

No, I meant between you and @missdiana2002 This thread is maddening.