Service Advisory - Device list not updating - 11/29/22

Still getting Error Code 504 and 500.


Started up again about 10 minutes ago, all the cameras are going crazy, clicking going offline, errors.

It’s like yesterday all over again. :pensive:

I am getting some wonky failures to load tonight as well. I just had half my lights and plugs go offline in my Google Home app and they aren’t loading right in the app.

I really think Amazon is having severe issues now.


Livestreams seem to work, so there’s that.

Yes, I am getting that. But I have non-Wyze devices that are offline now too and those all use the AWS infrastructure too.

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Server issues again… Wyze is aware and working on it.


Same here. Can’t see events. Camera live views not working (pan v1 and wyze v2) for sure. Didn’t check my V3. Also sensors are showing offline (original sense hub, contact and motion sensors). Haven’t tried the lights yet, probably won’t as I don’t want to add to the backlog/cache of requests


Why do the cameras have to continue clicking over and over again? When you have 30+ cameras, it’s a lot of clicking. And we have a dog that is scared of the clicking that just had ACL surgery. 2 nights in a row. It feels like Wyze has some interns running their IT department. Redundancy in systems shouldn’t be this difficult to not have problems. Wyze makes over $8M a year, surely they can afford some technology and staff.

When cloud services crash on this scale, just about everything will be affected. If you have current live cam streams running, don’t end the stream. Cams will continue to stream as long as you don’t end the session.

Don’t attempt to delete or reset devices. Don’t attempt to change settings and rules. Don’t uninstall/reinstall app. Wait for service restoration or you’ll have a horrible mess to clean up. If you need to change HMS mode, use the keypad as it is connected locally to the Hub. If you have cams going wonky (like Pan Cam) and can’t stand the noise, simply unplug them.


Luckily no clicking here on any of my cams. I can admit that would be irritating.

Also: here’s the new forum post for today’s outage:


Same thing as well for me, but now my lights are stuck on regular and I want them on party mode. Reverse of last night.

Looks like the lights load up but super slow.


I hate to giggle, but that’s kind of amusing (not amused by the client meeting during party mode, but how it flip flopped).


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