Wyze App nothing found

I noticed my pan restarting every few minutes. So, I attempted to launch the app on iOS and it said I had to sign back in. I signed in and it presented me with the error attached.


Essentially nothing is found. Each time I launch the app I get asked to re-sign in. My pan continues to be restarting still.

Are there by chance cloud service issues?

Edit: Looks like it’s resolved now.


Same exact thing here. Noticed my pan restarting and went to login to the Iphone app and no cameras and can’t add any. Seems there is an issue.

Same problem for me but it’s on all my v2 and v3 cameras.

Same for me…same error for device list…must be an outage at the cloud end!

Yup same thing going on here

I just got that 2.37.1(134) wyze android update and mine shows
Failed to update device list (error code -1).
I looked at Amazon Web Services, and it shows all up in North America, so it must be on the Wyze end?

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Same thing happening here. Cameras are restarting and freaking out one of our dogs. Logged in and the system gives the error code -90.

When I go to the update firmware screen it says no devices.

With over 100 Wyze devices, this is frustrating at best.

Same here. Started about 10 minutes ago. App finds no cameras, events, nothing.

I am seeing the same problem.

Same here; all devices are missing and it says Error code -999

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Error 999. Won’t let me add devices back either.

Same issue here . App just got uodated on android.

Same issue here. We just unplugged the camera because it was annoying.

Now I am getting:
Wyze blue/green screen lockup at launch
Failed to Update device list (error code 504)?

This was the final straw for me. I’m switching from Wyze as I’ve been having issues with my cameras the last couple of days in the app. I walk by three of my cameras when I get home and NONE of them recorded any events at all. Anyone want three V3 and a V2 for super cheap?

Service is down. All my Cams are going nuts.

yep, Same here, message says failed to lo device list. error was 999 now getting 1011. App showed no devices, close reopened a couple of times and now show, but all but one offline. Restarted couple of the cams, but now back to error. Happened a month or two back as well.

Paging “WyzeJasonJ” please help us!
This is what the support bot says:
Error code -1 or -999
11/28/22 4:26 PM PT - We identified a problem leading to failed device list updating with error code -1 or -999 depending on Android or iOS devices. We are waiting for the built-up traffic and caches to clear but folks are reporting improvement already. We appreciate your patience and everyone that let us know about this problem.

Mine has not cleared up, I think it is getting worse.

And these repeated crashes and down time occurrences are why no sane person should trust the Wyze Ecosystem with anything in their house considered “Mission Critical”: security, sprinkler controller, locks, thermostats, etc.

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