Failed to update device list error code 2009

Everything working fine last night. This morning I have No cameras. My wife who is shared has access. It’s almost like everything was deleted. I’ve updated and restarted everything.

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It sounds to me like your phone or the app on your phone is having issues accessing the Wyze Server. Perhaps a VPN software issue on the phone.

Log out of your Wife’s account on her phone, then log in using your account. If it connects and all your devices are still where you left them then it confirms it is an issue on your phone.

You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I’m having this issue as well on both iPhone and Android. App has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times on both.

Same problem here. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Tried mobile internet. Nothing is working, cannot even submit app’s log. It looks like app is not stable with more than a few devices.

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I have more than 50 primary devices installed with another 25 or so sensors and keypads. No issues at all with the app.

If the app isn’t making a connection with the server, it isn’t going to load anything.

If you aren’t getting Internet connectivity between the app and the server on bot WiFi and mobile data, it suggests something within the phone is preventing the Wyze App to utilize the Internet connection. This is usually the symptom of a VPN, Firewall, or Security app.