All cameras not recognized by Wyze app!

Woke up this morning to check activity on all cameras last night. Wyze app would not load and after turning iPhone off the back on, app eventually loaded, but had to sign back in. After doing so, app said there were no devices associated with this account.
How do I get my cameras back and is there some easy fix to this issue?
At one point, and for very briefly, I saw something pop up that said something to the effect that Wyze didn’t update properly.
I don’t remember an update and if it did update, all of that should of happened on Wyze’s end!
What happened!!!

Same here! I see by other posts this is the new Wyze problem that is now our problem. I’m really thinking of dumping Wyze for good.

Same here the app takes forever to start and then I get empty device list.

Same, I share the cameras with my wife before and she can see them, but I can’t! WTF

This is a joke… still no devices, 13 cameras and 1 dead bolt. Wow!!!

I am having the exact same issue.

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Seriously thinking on dumping Wyze. I’ve had numerous problems and not much assistance. Neighbor has Ring cameras and lives them, never has any issues.

Sorry to hear you have been having numerous problems. Can you share some of the problems you are experiencing? The community, mods and mavens can provide some support and possible resolutions.

I have had Ring Cameras in years past and ended up switching from them to another camera brand because of issues with Hardware and reliability. I am sure they have improved since I had them. However, I now have most of the Wyze Cameras and, for me, they have been pretty stable. This is why I am curious as to what issues you are experiencing.