Failed to update device list

This morning I got greeted with a bizarre situation with all my five v3 cameras. They’re all on firmware and I am using iOS 2.32.2 on an iPhone and an iPad. Two of the cameras are at home and three are at a remote location. All cameras are on a smart plugs which allows me to power them on/off at will.

So here is what’s happening. When I fire up the app on my iPhone on local network (WiFi) I get “Failed to update device list (error code -1003)”. I am able to view live stream as well as SD recordings but the events page is blank. I also don’t get notifications and all my rules have disappeared.

On the iPad this behavior is sporadic, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

If I turn the Wi-Fi off on the iPhone and go LTE, everything works fine. I get notifications, I can view all my events and all my rules are present.

At first I thought it might be my router but everything else on my network works fine and I have access to internet,

It looks like when I am on Wi-Fi for some reason the App can’t communicate with Wyze servers.

Before I go and replace my router, I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this and if there is known issue with Wyze servers like a week or so ago when they were unable to push notifications.

Any suggestions, advice or reassurance is greatly appreciated.

Mines working fine, try restarting your router. also just try again later, could be an issue with your ISP or any other factor

I’ve restarted the router and the cameras before I posted. After further investigation, it came down to two possible culprits. Router or ISP. Instead of going and buying a new router I installed VPNs on both my iPhone and iPad. Problem solved. For some unknown reason, my ISP was intermittently blocking access to Wyze servers from my network.

Glad you got it fixed!

In case someone else runs into this issue I am updating the post.

Out of curiosity I turned OFF the VPN on both my devices. Cameras stayed connected, Rules are accessible and notifications are working. All in all, everything is working fine.

For some unknown issue the Wyze servers and my ISP were not communicating properly for few days. Possibly a glitch of some sort.

Thought you should know just in case…


It turns out that might have been a glitch on Wyze servers. This is a post that I found today just by browsing (I was bored). It was admitted by Wyze about a month ago.

I’ve been getting the same issue on a set of cameras on a different location with different ISP. Switching the phone to LTE or turning VPN on solves the issue. Puzzling???

Both of those steps end up bypassing your ISP, so it could be your isp doing something.

That is what I originally thought, but as I mentioned, it happens with two different ISPs on two different WiFi networks and two different locations some 600 Km apart. As it turns out I am not t he only one with this issue and according to this post Wyze admits that the issue is on their side of things according to this post. Wyze App not working on WIFI