Failed to update device list error code 1000

Problem: I cannot see any of my devices. At the bottom of the app, there is a notification that comes up and then fades away. It read: “Failed to update device list (error code 1000)”. Sometimes it says error code 1001.

Started: When trying to add a new device. I was adding the Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro. I would get to the part of the setup that said contacting Wyze servers. It would then fail setup. So I kept trying to add the device. After 4 or 5 attempts, I backed out of the setup only to see that a new camera had been added and the thumbnail was of me standing in front of it. I clicked on that camera and as the feed loaded, it said there was an error. I backed out to the home screen and this time, all of my devices were gone and I started to get the error that said “failed to update device list (error code 1000)”.

Attempted fixes: I have tried signing out of all devices (2 phones and 1 tablet). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I tried resetting the router and internet connections. None of this worked on devices that I had uninstalled/reinstalled the app.

Observation: On my wife’s phone, where I was already signed in before attempting to add a device, I noticed I could still see and access all my devices and cameras as normal. I could get the video feed and everything worked. Because we were going on vacation and needed to access the cameras, I simply stayed signed in on my wife’s phone and it continued to work. After returning home, I decided to further troubleshoot the issue and sign out of my account on my wife’s phone. After signing back in, I now receive the same error.

I cannot access my devices from the Wyze online view either.

Wyze app version: v2.44.1 (327) Updated on all devices.

This has rendered all of my cameras useless. I have no way to access them, remove, or add them.

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Do you have VPN software on that phone that needs to allow the Wyze App before it can access mobile data or WiFi?

I have a VPN app on my phone, but i only use it when in public. Ive seen other posts where it seems like it was related, but in my case i had been using the cameras just fine with the app installed. It wasnt until i tried to add the Wyze cam floodlight pro. Even then, if i stayed logged in on my wifes phone, i could see, access, and use my devices. It wasnt until i logged out of the app. Upon logging back in, i got the error 1000 on any device i try. I have 2 samsung phones and a samsung tablet. They all used to work seemlessly.

Wyze support told me they dont have a fix at this time, but it might be in a future release (but they dont know when that will be). For the wyze cam floodlight pro, they said i can setup a return.

That seems insane to me. I get a new product. Not only does it not work, but it renders all of my other products useless and the best answer is, well maybe it will work in the future.

I don’t know that Wyze knows what is going on there either. That just may be the quick script answer.

I know that when I delete the App and Reinstall it, I have to manually approve the Wyze App in the VPN every time as all new apps get defaulted to blocked.

Another option for you would be to delete the app and reinstall a prior version that worked to see if that will help.

You can download an older app for Android here:

I would recommend 2.43

I had the exact same problem happen to me when trying to install floodlight pro. Floodlight pro was working great, power went out where it was installed and needed to restart it, never could successfully pair it to device and error code 1000 started popping up, and got the same response. I still get all notifications like cams are working. A different floodlight pro v2 and v3 cams doorbell locks etc all work still from iPad with error code just not logging out since I did on phone and lost everything

Just to follow up and close this topic. The update to the android app fixed most of my issues. I am running android 13 on a Samsung galaxy. Apparently there was a bug that wouldn’t allow a Bluetooth connection when trying to setup, hence installation kept failing. Because it failed to add a device, my device list was screwed up. As soon as I got the update, the floodlight pro installed and my device list returned.

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