Server problem again? My devices have again disappeared like the last time

Is Wyze experiencing the server problem again? My devices have once again disappeared from the app home page.


My device list is empty as well. Android App version 2.15.11

Me too. They had to get that new commercial in there. I imagine that screwed everything up.

Yup. All devices gone. Please come back!

Same, mines out and it’s getting old!!


Same problem.

No devices registered.

Wyze, you need to tell users…

No problems on iOS.

Forgot to mention: Running the Android beta app v. 2.15.11 here. Definitely no go. Events are working. That’s about it. Exactly like a week ago.

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Now the ios is working.
did Wyze just flipped the switch. :smile:

14.35 is just horrible

Only a little issue in event-playback for 2-3 updates. Resolved in the new beta.

WTF. android app is big FAIL right now as my devices all gone. but iphone app looks all okay. geez, come out with new cam v3 product and developers maybe tweaking things but making it look like they are whacking the rest of our cams. just so annoying. quit scaring us with this nonsense.

Same here. Devices are gone again. Upgrade your servers or run your tests on different ones or whatever FFS!


okay. whew. all back to normal on android app… quit scaring us like that!

Still not working on my Android beta app v2.15.11.


Noop, still no device.

I also am beta tester. Have newest app. Galaxy s10 phone. Running 4 pan 2, 4 bulbs, 5 outlets

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Wyze knows of the issue and is working on it! No solution has been released at this time.

See here for updates:


thx, no eta?

Anyone tried to do a play back from sd card?

No playback from SD card on all 8 cameras . Also cannot make adjustments to Detection zone /settings or Local Storage … I get Loading …then Operation Failed