Service Advisory - 1/17/2024

Ever since the update, my cameras are losing connection constantly. My dog had an anxiety attack on Tuesday and messed up a room badly in fear. I need to be able to see her while at work, but the main room she did it in has lost its’ connection. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Fix the problem with the last firmware update. What if someone had broken in my home and I needed the footage for evidence?! UNACCEPTABLE.

***update from my post I wrote 2 mins ago: now a video won’t play!!! Fix this problem!! Error 02: “Failure to fetch video from cloud.” On nearly all videos I should be able to see!

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You may want to create your own post, rather than piggy-backing onto a week-old unrelated service advisory that has been resolved, so you’ll get more eyes on your issue.

By creating your own post, you can specify what cameras are affected, if you’re using the android or iPhone app, web view, etc. These things are important for trouble shooting and determining the cause and if multiple people are having this issue.


Have the same issue, all cams still not working.
Tried everything. I do have some replacement cameras coming from the warranty claim. But it’ll be ages till I go back to the location to reinstall the new cams (till vacation time) and I’ll have roughly 75% of my annual cam plan go to waste for an issue not caused by me.

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I see I’m not alone with issues here. All I can say is this is beyond frustrating! This needs to get fixed, life is too busy to spend countless hours trying to troubleshoot problems that are out of our control.


A problem that was caused by WYZE.
Yes it’s beyond frustrating!

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Sad that 9 out of the 12 months from my annual plan will go to waste since it’ll be around September till I go back to assemble the new cams I got. Wyze support acknowledge the issue being caused by them and still doesn’t want to help me with my plan issue due to their ‘policy’

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Horrible. They should freeze the account.

I don’t think they have a “Freeze account” or freeze subscription option implemented at this time, but it is a really good idea/suggestion!

They could even limit it to only be allowed like once per subscription period to prevent people from abusing it (ie: buy a yearly cam plus license then only unfreeze it for a weekend or a week a couple times per year when you go on vacation so it lasts for YEARS, or some other loophole). If they limit the freeze to once per year or something like that, it could give their support some options while looking into an issue or in cases like this where someone is away from the residence and it might be a few months before they return. Great suggestion for something to implement. If someone adds this request to the wishlist, I’ll vote on it too.


Since upgrading the firmware to for my two v3, live stream has been hanging. We use the cameras to check for the school bus, so that my daughter does not have to stand out in the cold, and several times we missed the bus because we did not realize that it was hung until we checked the time stamp not moving. This is happening on an Amazon Fire TV, Echo device and even the app itself. We have been using these since the v3 came out and never had issues with it. Anybody else having this issue?

The skill on Alexa doesn’t work anymore. People have been bombarding Wyze with negative reviews. It seems they don’t give a crap about customer service anymore. Had my garage cam not recording any event anymore. It keeps switching to “smart detection” when I don’t want that. Wyze’s answer? “We will send it to our tech team, but don’t know an ETA.”

I’ve wasted so much money with Wyze on their cameras and Cam Plus subscription. They no longer care about their customers anymore.