Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

Here is a partial copy of what I received just a few days ago (I am sure that it will inspire you to go out and SPEND ALL of your money on Wyze products):

We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions sometime in the future.

  • This request will be closed because we don’t have anything further we can do at this point.
  • This request will not be re-opened later.
  • Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions.

We will take this experience as a tool to continue improving the level of service we are giving to you and to our customers. We are actively working to cater to these experiences for the betterment of the products and the app. Technology may not be perfect, but one thing’s for sure: We’ll always improve on what we already have, and we’ll always strive to get better at what we do.

Thank you for your time and patience, and for allowing us the opportunity to assist you. Have a great rest of your day!


Sonny | Wyze Wizard

After receiving this, I don’t know what to do now…

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The hub volume low Med and high only adjust the alerts and countdown, it does not adjust the volume of the alarm. The high volume for the alerts matches the fixed volume for the alarm.

It also matches the decibel for the simply safe alarm.

That is not accurate for my system at all. While the Low/Med/High does alter the alert and countdown volume it also alters the alarm siren volume as well. Note: Low volume lowers it , Med raises the volume slightly and High has no effect at all.

Also, if the High volume on my hub matches the SimpliSafe siren then their system is a joke too!

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What decibel is the alarm outputting currently for you?

When I checked last low med and high was the same decibel volume. At least I thought that was the case. I can try testing it again.

Here’s my data from last month with the beta app (looks like simply safe is about 10db louder, and I still don’t have any readings of what wyze was at before the observed volume lowering)

UPDATE: 12.21.21
The alarm volume is about 82-85db right next to the divice, but drops to 72-74db about 3ft from the unit.

The volume of the alarm is the same regardless of what low, med, high you select in the app.
• the low med and high are different, for the alerts and countdown tone. And the high countdown matches the db 85db of the alarm volume.

I don’t have any readings from before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

If Wyze can create add on speakers to be placed in other rooms, that should help solve sleeping through an alarm. Or setting off an alarm by accident and not knowing it.

I have not compared to simply safe but it looks like their alarm is also 95db, not sure how far from the source.

Just ran another test

Low 66dB countdown / 90 alarm

Med 81dB countdown / 91 alarm

High 88dB countdown / 93 alarm

Looks like mine still keeps the alarm at roughly the same volume. And still pretty close to simply safe (I have not tested, just based on numbers I found online)

Using Apple Watch 4, not a dedicated high calibrated dB sensor.

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Cool, thanks for running these tests! They definitely need to offer another speaker with at least 110db…

Yeah, it’s loud enough that a thief will hear it, it will still notify the police, but you can sleep through it if it’s a few room over and you have a fan on.

However I don’t know what happens when your phone alerts or noonlight calls your phone. (Can’t really test that in test mode) an extra speaker would fix everything.

Haha yea exactly.

They need to let the keypads be a speaker, I have two keypads that would work great if they made noises haha

That sounds a Great idea! Another thing that would be nice is if the system would announce which sensor actually triggered the alarm.

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I don’t know the specific dB level, but it has to be louder than what it currently is. It is not very loud at all.

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Same for me. The alarm went off last night and I never heard a sound until the police knocked on my door. Also, the door causing the alarm was found ajar but NO indication the door was ever closed, which is was. Also have an issue that Noonlight called the wrong telephone number, They used a cell number and not the house phone because their system required a text to confirm the number. Of course, you can’t text a landline and I didn’t know this until last night.
FYI - I did increase the volume on the hub and it is a little louder. Not nearly loud enough to wake me or notify a burglar they’ve been detected. In a traditional alarm system, the sounding device has prevented many burglaries from continuing once the bell or whatever went off. Not so here. Any chance additional sounding devices could be added?

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Yeah I can sleep through mine as well. With the fan on I can’t hear it in the next room, if it’s in the same room with me not a problem. So if they can send the alarm to satellite speakers, it would solve it.

If I trigger the alarm in the garage and don’t go inside and don’t have my phone on me I am greeted by police (potentially)

My hub has another issue too. It keeps defaulting back to medium volume. I figured it had done it after the latest firmware update and now the high was back and I had to change it to high and we would be back i business with high volume, However today it shows as medium again. It’s not holding the settings for high

I had noticed that, I had to set to high from the monitoring tab and also from the home tab. Mine seem to be staying on high for now. Originally medium was loud enough. (From my memory)

I am guessing that the folks at Wyze have written us(and this issue) off. They just keep ignoring the issue.

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I am just astonished that this issue is still going on. We must be in the super minority of people who have been affected by this bug, because I can’t see any company leaving things the way they have for us… which is broken.

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I have reported this issue as ongoing in today’s “Fix-it Friday”…if anyone is still experiencing concerns with this volume change, you may like the post I linked to below so that Wyze knows if it is still something you’d like addressed.


The siren volume can only be heard if you are in the same room. They replaced my hub. ZERO difference. Trouble shooting for hours with customer service. I gave up months ago… without a fix, there is no way i will renew in April.