Sense Hub not sending push notification home/away/disarmed

I have been using Wyze products for over 2 years but new to the forum.
Last week when I changed my Wyze door lock to a new wifi access point, I think the problem started then but, I could be wrong.
So, as of last week, I used to get push notifications on my Andorid phone, Pixel 6, when I set home monitoring to home/away or disarmed, etc.
All of a sudden, the ph stopped showing those notifications, I can set the motion sensor or door/window sensor to send any push notification and that works fine. I get aother notification from different apps in my ph but not the home monitoring Wyze notofications.
So, this is what I have done so far,

  1. cleared storage/cache on the ph
  2. logged out and log back to the app
  3. rebooted my phone
  4. Uninstalled the Wyze app and reinstalled it
  5. Checked all notification setting in the ph and Wyze app
  6. Deleted the Hub and added back everything to the hub
  7. Talked with Wyze support, no irresolution. So, they sent a new hub
  8. Removed the old hub and added the new hub, no luck.
  9. I cheeked all the notification setting in the ph and app and I think I covered everything.

Any help or suggestion is welcome.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Meazz1!

Looks like you have gone thru all the steps… And then some. Make sure your App version and Hub firmware version are up to date.

All Wyze notifications on Android come in on the WyzeMessage Channel. If you are getting notifications from your sensors, then the app is working and notifications are being sent.

There is no way to turn off the HMS armed state push notifications. No settings exist for this. It is always on.

If you are arming from the app, you will not get any notification. Only when you arm and disarm from the keypad will you get a notification.

I just tested my HMS on Hub FW, Keypad FW, Android app and I am still getting a push notification when I use the keypad to arm and disarm. This is sent upon the selection of the state, not after the entry\exit delay when the countdown ends and the HMS voice announces the state.

My sense hub is no longer sending those notifications (initiated via the keyboard) either. In my case, I’m happy cuz I didn’t want them anyway :white_check_mark:

EDIT: it appears actual alarms are not sending notifications either :face_with_thermometer:

I think it’s the Wyze software or the hub, in my case I have troubleshoot everything known to men.
Specially the door and window contacts are sending notifications.
I would like the notifications because that way I know when my kids get home, etc.

Is anyone still using the previous version of the hub software? Perhaps, we can check to see if the latest hub software broke the notifications. I’m on


I have the same FW, Key pad and android version and notifications not working.

I know. Right? That is what makes this so perplexing.

It doesn’t seem to be linked to the app version or the firmware version since it is differing results for different users on the exact same equipment.

I even went so far as to change my keypad from PIN required to PIN not required to see if that made a difference. It did not.

Still brainstorming what the difference might be.

I thought it may be the android notifications settings, BUT I toggled them all ON, then restarted my phone, and, still didn’t get a notification. My settings have been as shown for 'bout a year. I don’t think I have changed ANY of my settings since the notifications stopped working. I am in a perpetual HMS “test mode”, to avoid any more false alarms.

I checked my keypad versions… 1 of my keypads is up-to-date at, and, my 2nd keypad is up-to-date at

It has be the Android side of issue somewhere between the settings in my ph and how Wyze works with Android.
I installed the app on my daughter’s iPhone and used my login to log on to the app oh her phone and all push notifications work.
So, I am waiting on next Android security updates and a new Wyze android app to come down, and hopping that will clear out any android side issues.

This may be an OS version or even device model specific. I am using Android 11 on a Moto G St 2020 and have no issues. What versions\models are not working?

This sux for me cuz I am in a perpetual “HMS test mode”. Now… I’m NOT getting any push notification of an actual alarm… in addition to the OPs original topic of “push notifications for home/away/disarmed no longer wyrkin’”. I do know some notifications are wyrkin’ cuz I will get notifications of leak sensors. Currently, the only way I know of an alarm (if I am not home)… is if I am viewing the Wyze app on my fon.

Meazz1, plz check to see if you get notifications of an actual alarm. Perhaps, if the problem has bigger ramifications, we will have more political capital to get this fixed. Previously, I got notified of alarms even on my Samsung watch, which I no longer wear.

I’m using up-to-date software on Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

@ tbagcam
I just setup my alarm in the test mode. I did not get any entry delay or alarm notifications but my daughter got on her iPhone. I will be contacting the Wyze team again.
Here my phone info:
Google Pixel 6
Android 13
The hub firmware
and Wyze app v2.38.0.153

I’m wondering if a change of thread title may help to prioritize the solution. Something like “Sense hub not sending push notifications… for alarms, AND, changing home/away/disarmed state from keypad… for some Android users”.

Also, I suggest we split any bug-finders fee 50/50/50!

I spent about 20 mins this morning but couldn’t find a way to just change the thread title.
I will probably need to create a new one and share this thread.

For any user affected by this issue, please post your Customer Support Ticket number.

Starting a new thread or changing the title isn’t going to speed up any response. This is a user to user forum. There is limited Wyze Team presence here. Maven and Mod volunteers have wide visibility of topics and issues that trend within the forum and have a specific procedure to follow to flag and\or escelate trending issues that can’t be resolved in the forum.

With that Customer Support Ticket Number, I can escelate the issue thru Maven channels to Wyze so that Wyze Devs can take a look at specifically what is causing this issue. I cannot do that without the Customer Support Ticket Number.

Also note…, the loss of Notifications is currently NOT limited to the HMS Sense Hub. It has already been reported and escalated to the Wyze Devs on other Wyze IoT devices and they are actively working on solving it. The preliminary suspicion is that it is due to a conflict with certain Android vanilla builds. However, that has not yet been confirmed and they are still investigating. This issue may be related to those previous reports.

Also note that it is still the Holiday season and staffing will be affected until after the new year.

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Here are 2 recent ticket number regarding the push notifications.
Ticket#2625118 date 12/18/2022
Ticket#2645842 date 12/21/2022


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Thank you @Meazz1 for your Customer Support Ticket Numbers. I have submitted these thru channels to the Wyze Team for them to be escalated to the Wyze Devs. This thread has been included in that message.

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I just tripped my alarm (wyze home monitoring) and I did not get notification either

Wife did on her iphone

This is unacceptable Wyze

@WyzeGwendolyn bringing this to your attention so you can get this escalated, or offer up any other suggestion

The lack of notifications on the HMS for some users using specific Android OS has been previously reported to Wyze and Escalated thru channels.

More information above.

Mod Note: Post edited to remove reference to this thread after posts merged here.

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