Scale S switch users in same account

Just got the Scale S, filled all the user info for me, clicked add a member to add spouse, all good. But when I open the app I can’t figure out how to view the info for the other member. It only shows mine, the main profile. I can see and edit the member info like nickname, year of birth, etc but I can’t find how to view the weight/bmi, trends, etc for anyone else. What am I missing here?

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If you didn’t select an image for yourself (the main user) when you created the different user profiles, then the app will default to a “WYZE” user icon. The problem (okay, one of the problems) is that this icon is light text on a light background, and the Scale S module within the app uses a light background even if you’re trying to use the Dark Theme.

It’s kind of a pain in the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. It’s a serious failure from a usability/accessibility perspective.

What happens if you navigate to the main Scale S screen within the app and tap just to the left of the :gear: in the upper-right corner? When I do that, I get a drop-down menu that shows my e-mail address and the names of the three pets whose weight I’ve tracked.

I think that’s what you’re seeking. If it isn’t or if a screenshot would be helpful, then please let me know.


OMG that’s exactly it! It worked perfectly! Thank you so much. :heart:


You’re welcome! I’m glad that worked, and thanks for the :white_check_mark:!

That particular issue had me frustrated for quite a while until I figured it out myself. I really like the Pet Mode of the Scale S but for the longest time couldn’t figure out how to get to the weight history for the pets I was tracking. It’s been on my list of things to contact Wyze about but hasn’t been a priority for me, and now that v3 of the app is in its second β, I’ll probably wait until the production version comes out to see if that’s resolved before I do anything else about it.

You’ve probably figured out by this point that you can…

  1. From the main Scale S screen tap the upper-right :gear: to get to Scale Settings.
  2. Tap Users.
  3. Tap to select a user (yourself, for instance).
  4. This will show that user’s photo on the top Profile Photo line. (In my app, it still shows the default light grey “WYZE” on white, because I haven’t ever changed it.)
    • If you’re looking at your information (assuming you’re the main user and scale owner), then this screen says Account Info at the top.
    • If you’re looking at another user’s information, then this screen says Member Info at the top. In that case, you can tap the upper-right Edit (you must be within Bluetooth range and attached to the Scale S to do this) to change the associated Profile Photo and other information.

…and if you want to change your Profile Photo (again, assuming you’re the main user), then you have to do that in the main app settings (the Scale S module within the app will tell you this if you try to edit it in the manner described above):

  1. From the app’s home screen, tap :bust_in_silhouette: Account in the lower-right.
  2. Then on the Account screen, tap Account. (See a trend here?)
  3. Then on the My Account screen, tap Account (:wink:) Profile Photo. (Again, mine just shows a default silhouette :bust_in_silhouette: here because I haven’t ever bothered to set it.)

Like I said, I haven’t ever bothered to change it for myself, but that’s because I put it on a list of Wyze issues with the thought that someday I might see it resolved in its default state, but changing your Profile Photo setting is probably a good idea for the sake of your own sanity. Mine’s already too far gone for that. :roll_eyes:

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