Scale S - Need toggle to keep weight private to each user

Need an option to hide/show your weight to others using same scale.
Weight can be extremely personal and often not something shared even between partners.
We need an option to allow individual users to either share their weight or keep it private so that only they see the numbers.

I believe you will see an increase in adoption if you make it more appealing to those who want or need to weigh themselves regularly.


[Mod Note]: Post was moved to this category as your request is satisfied by existing functionality.

It sounds like you may have added other users via the “Add a Member” feature. If so, remove those entries and “Share” your Scale S. This will keep your shared user(s) and your measurements private:

Wyze app Home > Scale S > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Sharing > “+” icon (Share with a new user) > Enter the email address of the user to which you wish to share your Scale S.

Other user downloads the Wyze app, creates their own account using their own email address (same as the address you entered for sharing), adds your Scale S to their Wyze app, creates their own Scale S profile.

I’ve tagged @mavens to this thread to share any additional info I may have missed.

Here is some info on Scale S sharing from Wyze:

Note that if you need the ability to choose which specific metrics are shared/not shared, you need to state your use case as a reply to and vote for this wishlist item:

Please note that the Wishlist topic above is not exclusive to Wyze cams. It is a request to change/enhance the Wyze app security framework to allow you, as the primary account holder, to share with and set permissions for multiple other users/accounts, a cam, scale, home monitoring system or other shareable Wyze device or system. Wyze has publicly stated that they are working on role-based sharing functionality.


funny thing with this is that after a while, the scale decided to just log everyone that stands on the scale to my user account, so my weight charts goes from my weight down to my toddler’s weight (losing over 100 lbs lmao) then to my wife’s weight or back to my own. it’s not very smart in discerning users…