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Getting ready to order a Scale S, but dear husband and I have different interpretations of the advertisement. He thinks when it says sharing it means we can both use the same scale. I’m not convinced. Anybody know if we can share the scale? We are not impressed with sharing weight and such on social media.

Yes, You can both use the same scale with separate personal accounts. One of you creates an account first and activates the scale. Then you go to settings and tell it to “share” the device with another email address. They create their own separate Wyze account with that email address and they are now able to use the scale too. It will store your information completely separately in your own separate personal Wyze Accounts. My wife, myself, and my daughter all use the previous version of this Wyze scale with our own separate Wyze accounts (and this scale works the same way).

When it says “Share” it definitely means to be able to have your own personal account to store the data. You just log into the Wyze App, then step on the scale to have it record your measurements into your account. If you step on it without opening the app, it will treat you like a guest and still tell you your weight, but not all the other special measurements, and it won’t store it in your profile. Opening your app account is how it knows for sure which user it is, otherwise it will assume it is a guest or that you didn’t want the measurement saved.

I don’t believe there is any direct way to “share” your scale data to social media, so it definitely wasn’t talking about that. It meant allowing other people to track their own personal scale history through their own app account. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information. In one of the little promos, a daughter tells her dad he’s doing great as she seems to be looking at his data. That got us all confused.

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Oh yeah, I saw that…that is a weird part of the video promo that would make it confusing.

Back when I was researching different smart scales, a lot of reviews recommended Wyze scales specifically because each account was completely private and the data history was not accessible by anyone else, including other family members. Lots of people love that about Wyze Scales compared to several competitors that allow everyone to see each other’s scale data. So in real life, the dad and daughter wouldn’t be able to see each other’s data unless they shared their separate account username/passwords with each other or took a screenshot and sent it to each other as an accountability partner or something like some people like to do for exercise & diet & such. But if that’s what was meant it I can totally see how it can cause confusion like you said.

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Yes, I think that is intentional sharing to another Wyze user.

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    • or in case were there is only one account, then measurements are shared w/different labels.
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Oh yeah! I saw that as an option the last time I was going through the settings. We can have multiple people using the same account for the scales now:

  • Settings
  • Users
  • Add Member

Then when we use the scale we can use the same Wyze account, just select a different “User” for the scale. I haven’t tried that out since I saw it.

I’d still eventually like to be able to have separate accounts for my wife and I, using different notifications or preferences since I might want notifications about certain things (ie: that happen in my home office), while she won’t want all those notifications, but this is a good thing to remember to let people know is an option with the scale. Thanks for bringing it up!