Separate Private Accounts one Wyze Scale

I love my WYZE Scale, however, my wife doesn’t want to use it as I would be able to see here weight. As we all know women don’t like to share that kind of information, I would like to see the software be updated to allow my wife to also use the scale but keep her information private and only allow her to access it from her smart phone.

Hello @mjwaww and welcome to the community.

You should be able to do this currently, if you and your wife have separate logins you just share the scale with her, you will both be able to weigh yourselves and keep the info private from the other.


How do I create a separate log in ?


She would create her own Wyze account, you would share any devices to her account that she wants to access.

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To be clear, are you saying that all she has to do is add the app to her smart phone and create a new account as though she had just purchased a WYZE product ?

Yes, that is correct. Then you share the Wyze Scale with her, she then accepts the share in her app.

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