Scale S needs profiles/sync to multiple wyze accounts


My wife and I share a wyze scale. Is it possible to create profiles within Wyze products?

If she created her own wyze account (we share mine and I share devices with her) would the scale be able to sync/update with a different account? And not show the info across accounts? Make sense?

Or are all products limited to one account?


The Wyze Scale is supposed to support Multiple Individuals. Basically, if your wife creates an account and you share the scale to her account, it will deduce who it is and send the data accordingly. At a minimum, you will be asked if the information is for you.

In short, your assumption is correct. But this is also easy enough to test.

To answer yor second quesion, Yes, all Wyze Products would be owned by one individual and paired to that account. Then you would share it with others as you see fit.

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Cool. My wife had found other info on the tubes so I thought I would ask the people that know.
Will give it a try out tonight and see what happens.
Not having the full access to the features is annoying us.
Thanks again!!

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