How to make scale results private

My wife and I are going to use the same scale. When my wife tried adding herself as a user she realized she could see my results on her phone I don’t care, but she’s not a fan of me being able to do the same with her results. Is there a way that multiple people can use the same scale but each users results be private to their phone?

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Lol, had the same experience with my wife.

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Buy her, her own scale or get divorced. That was easy.

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Are you guys using the same wyze account? I’m not sure if this would make the results private but you can try it… You need 2 wyze accounts though.

We finally figured out how to make it work. We use separate logins on our phones. The scale reports to whichever app is OPEN AND CONNECTED. So as long as she has her phone and makes sure the app is open actually connected to the scale her results record to only her phone and never appear on mine. Hooray! :grin: