Wyze Scale default user nickname/picture

I just received and set up my Wyze scale. The default user does not seem to allow a nickname or a picture. How can I either delete the default user or add a nickname and picture? I added myself as an addition guest but I get the message that there are two users with the same weight…


Make sure you have a nickname set in the My Account section of the WYZE app. It appears to take that as the default name.

I have an image and nickname in the Wyze app. However when I connect to the scale and edit the account info for the scale, the Profile Photo and Nickname fields are grayed out. The other fields are editable…


I’m having the same issue.

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I was having the same issue. Go to Account > Your account > username and change it. This is your nickname and will likely show your email address instead. Update it and you should be good to go.

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It worked, thanks.

By any chance do you know how to make metrics and weight readings display? Weight display as 59.5 lbs, other metrics don’t show at all.


I don’t think the scales will show anything other than weight. All the other metrics are available in the app.


It also shows fat % and alternates with the weight.

It also shows the fat %.

I just got my Wyze Scale, and after setup, and adding a user, my nickname shows my email, and the profile pic in the app does not show when i pick the scale. How do i edit the nickname when the Wyze App, under accounts, My account will not let me?