Wyze scale changing "null" nsme

How to change the null name in wyze scale

I have the same question. I created a user with my name, but I also have the Null user and the app keeps asking me which user is on the scale. If Null can’t be deleted can you at least zero out all the data in it, so it doesn’t get confused as to who is on the scale?

I found a solution. In the mobile app click on the “Account” tab in the bottom. You will see on the top your account email. Click on it. You will see an option for Nick name. you can enter the name you want. The only catch is is that name is being used by someone else as Nick name you can’t have it, so you may have use different Nick name or use -1, 2 so on. You can add your picture also again you have to crop it to add it as your profile picture