Scale S reads one person %, but not second user?

Is this a common or known issue with the Scale S?

It reads me weight, bodyfat…but only reads weight for my partner.

If it’s so common, are they fixing it?

I am the main user and it is yet to read me. Swapped batteries, tried after shower to have moist feet. Stood on wet paper towels before getting on. Put hard plastic sheet between my legs to make sure knees or thighs did not touch. Deleted device. Pressed reset. Set app back up and still will not read me, my wife got a reading a couple times but very intermittent.

I have submitted a trouble report for my case.

Just went thru this issue when my wife tried to get her BMI. We finally figured it out. I set up the scale and am the “owner”. I then added my wife, she accepted the invitation.
The second person (or others after #2) will have to go to gear icon > user > then click on their name / email. Then on the Account Info page, they’ll need to add their Year of Birth, gender, & height in order for the scale to calculate their BMI. That is the issue most likely. So it is actually trying to calculate BMI, but b/c this info isn’t tied to that particular profile, it can’t.


YOU NAILED IT! Many thanks. That was exactly the solution.

I’m the account holder and have setup my profile with body type ,height & weight and it only measures my weight. No calculations for body fat or muscle mass. App has error about possible dry feet or knees ankles touching. Washed my feet and scale no luck. applied location to feet still won’t work. Added a second user profile and it works correctly for them but still won’t work for me.

Long shot but, make sure your feet are centered on the sensors and most importantly, make sure no part of your legs are touching each other (knees, thighs, etc.). I’m a large stocky guy and the Scale S is so narrow that I can’t stand with my feet on the sensors without my thighs touching. To solve this, I just put on a pair of pants after a shower when doing a weigh-in so the current/signal doesn’t “take a shortcut” across my thighs.

Thanks for the help. I tried that and have honestly tried just about everything and it will only read weight for me. The wife it displays everything fine. I’m not really convinced it can make those other measurements with any accuracy anyways. Just not worth the frustration anymore.

The scale was the problem. replacement scale worked perfectly for everyone in the home.

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