Scale reads weight, bmi only sometimes - 3 users

I got the scale when it was in Early Access. I added myself as the primary user and then my mom and my sister.

At first, it read my weight, BMI, fat percentage, etc., But not that of my mom or sister. After a few weeks, it started reading my sisters. Couple more weeks later, it stopped reading mine.
I have tried cleaning the scale and making sure that our knees are not touching. I do not know what else I can try.
I’m posting here because I have sent two tickets to support, both over a month ago, and I have gotten no response whatsoever. I also haven’t found any posts that cover the same issues.

Without the other measurements, this is just a basic weight scale. Does anybody know what the return policy is on this?

Same behavior here. Any update on this?

Yeah, I see they have ignored my two tickets and this thread. So, no support for the scale for me.

same here, scale stopped doing anything but weight and zero response from support.