Hardware problem? Scale now shows the same weight (112lbs) no matter who stands on it

Scale was working fine up until 2 days ago. Now, no matter who in the family stands on it (and we are all different shapes and sizes, including kids), it always says 112lbs. And 2 of the people weighing themselves weigh less than 100 lbs. Also, the weight blinks, as if it knows something is wrong. Thankfully it’s not syncing that result.
I’ve removed the batteries, etc but it still happens. Any idea before I contact support and try and get a replacement?

This is the first I have heard of an issue like this so I can only say to try support unfortunately.

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have you tried recalibrating the scale? typically using only one foot I can put weight on it, enough that it starts showing numbers as I apply pressure, when it does this, remove your foot, it should go to Zero, and which point the scale has recalibrated itself.

then try weighing yourself. see if there is any change in behavior for the scale.

Thanks Jason and Bam - recalibrating doesn’t seem to help. I’ll call support tmw (apparently nobody there on sunday).

Maybe it’s showing the “average” weight per family member?

Although, y’all do live together and eat the same food, so it stands to reason that y’all would weigh the same, right?

I’m joking! Sounds like you need to contact CS and ask for a replacement!

Ha! Now I feel bad for bringing the family’s average up :slight_smile:


Naw, you have no reason to feel bad.

My family’s average weight is … well … my family’s average isn’t 112.

You should be proud!

Maybe you should keep the scale? No, guess that would be bragging.

Spoke to support. They are sending a replacement scale. Does anybody know if once it arrives, if I am going to lose all historical data in the app by adding the new scale./removing the old one? I’d obviously prefer to keep the historical data. I imagine if I can’t, that I can export it out, sync it to other services, etc.

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The historical data is kept in the cloud, when you add the new scale it should still be there. You could export it just for safe measure though.

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Hope you’re right. The support person indicated that the data is associated with the particular device so once the device is removed so is its associated data. Guess we’ll see!

I will see if I can dig up an answer for you, if I do I will update this thread.

I can tell you that it is true it is associated with the device but not stored ON the device, but is stored in the cloud. during testing we has an issue and I had to use a second scale. as soon as I set up the second scale and did a measurement, everything populated from my previous measurements on the first scale even through I was no longer on the original device.

so unless they changed something you will be good on the data.

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Good news - I received the new scale. (Fast!!!). Was able to add it, delete the old one, and the data remained.


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