Scale or app lost data

Good morning.

I searched around the forum but didnt see anything. I’ve sent an email to support but thought I’d ask here to see if anyone else has run into this.

This morning my scale or the app lost all the data in the app.

Yesterday, it was fine and had all the past data. Today, I wake up, do my morning routine, step on the scale, and then sync it. I noticed it had only 1 weight in. Nothing before today.

I asked my wife to look at hers and it was the same. Only 1 weight in.

I have 2 scales. The info for what i use is app ver 2.29.0 (114) and the scale model WHSCL1 firmware 1.1.4. My wife has the same app and scale model but it has firmware 2.0.6.

Is this a problem on my end or Wyze’s end?

Can this be fixed to get all the past data back?

Also why would the same scale model have different firmware? Mine doesn’t show a firmware update available.


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I woke up to the same thing this morning! If you hear back from support let us know what they said.

I also lost all my data this morning. Luckily it is sync’s with my Apple Health. Would also like to know what happened.

Same here, At first there was zero data, now It goes back to 1/25/2022. I did an export data to a spreadsheet and it only goes back to then. Very bummed out. I hope its not gone for good. Ive been tracking my weight loss journey with it.

If you dont mind me asking, how’d you export to a spreadsheet?

EDIT: Nevermind i just saw that feature in the menu.

Support responded asking me to run through some trouble shooting steps.

Same experience with list data. VERY DISAPPOINTING

This just happened to me. Now what?