Scale not showing data

Hi guys,

Quick question, I’m sharing the scale with my wife and in my phone app I have all the info weight, BMI, etc etc, but on her phone app doesn’t show her BMI and all the other stuff just the weight, is there something I didn’t do or allowed her in the app or it is like that???

Thanks for stopping by guys and I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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Take a look at this thread – we had the same problem and solved it (for us).
<Wyze Scale - won't get past "Weight Only"? - #11 by johnbuckjr >
Probably the threads should get merged …

Did you select only measure weight on for her profile? Or is it like what @n6ac said where the age is not in the range?

Well didn’t work neither she born in 1991 everything is correct in the app, athletic mode on and mesure with the app open option checked but nothing mesure her bmi etc etc