Scale S Weight Issue

So I just received this scale and I was excited to see I lost 15 lbs yay me! Anyway, tonight I found my robot vacuum on top of it so I went to step on it and just make sure it was fine. Well, it gave a reading that was 20lbs lighter than yesterday and I stepped on it again and it gave a different number than the first time. I did the reset thing where you put your foot on until it hits 0 then weighted again and it gave me a weight that was 5lbs less than yesterday. I know I’m exercising a lot but I doubt I lost 5lbs in 24 hours.

What is going on with this scale and how can I get it to give me a more consistent reading?

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I have all three scales and match them to each other and have always found the weight to be consistent.

What kind of surface is the scale sitting on?

Have you checked the pads to ensure there is no debris under them.

It could be that the scale pads aren’t level in some way like if it is on carpet.

How are the batteries? I know the device is new but if you used the ones that came with it they could be depleted? Have you tried new batteries?

Hello R.Good so I did check what you suggested. The batteries seem to be good but right now I don’t have any new batteries to try. I checked the pads under and I didn’t see anything but I did notice when it is upside down and you touch the pads they do move. The top ones are more than the bottom ones but when you put it on the ground it’s solid and nothing moves. The interesting thing that I did notice since I got it I had been using it in my office on carpet and today the weight seemed to be the same within a couple of pounds difference (better than it was). However, when I put it on hardwood it gives me a reading saying I’m 30lbs heavier than the reading whenit’s on the carpet. So I don’t get it.

I would suggest placing the scale on an even hard floor (not carpet). Resetting the scale as you did before by pressing on the scale and allowing it to return to zero. Wait for the numbers to go dark, then weigh yourself.

This should give you the most accurate reading.

Carpet is not suggested as noted in the FAQ.

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So yeah I had contacted support and that is what they said. Here is the crazy thing I bought a cheap $20 scale from Walmart and I had the same issue with it where on carpet it gave me one reading and on hardwood it gave me a reading that was 30 lbs more. So I don’t know what’s going on but given that I don’t think the scale is the issue for that part. So I don’t get it.