Wyze Scale S obviously inaccurate, unreliable

I purchased a Scale S last week because I really needed something accurate. It’s hopelessly unreliable, inaccurate on the first reading and then as much as 4-5lb difference across positions no more than 6ft apart on the same hard floor, What’s the point of being able to measure all those other body statistics when you can’t tell what weight you are? Wasted money, very disappointed and should have known better.

Try stepping on the scale and then quickly stepping off. That should reset the scale to 0. Then try to weigh something. I have done this with the original scale and it reads accurately since. Wyze informed me that this is how you reset the scale to 0 (a form of calibration)


aha, thank you!!
No way to tell if it’s accurate but if not at least it’s equally inaccurate everywhere now :wink:


The best way to calibrate or check how accurate it is, by putting a dumbbell on the scale of 5 pounds or more and seeing what it says, This gave me a good reading when it does not read accurately to see how inaccurate it was. At the worse has been 2lbs 4 ounces.


Got it, thanks. I should have thought of that.

I tried this, but my Scale S is still 100# low with really low BMI measurement.
Followed all the steps in the Quick Start Guide, tried your suggestion, even changed the batteries.

Welcome to the community @eric7 . I am a community member as you and don’t work for Wyze. However, I support individuals in the community when possible.

Have you reached out to Wyze on this? I would create a Log file and submit it for Wyze Review. In addition, I would go to Support.wyze.com, scroll to the bottom and select Chat, Phone, etc. Calling is better at times, you can then provide the Log Number you submitted for the scale.

Please post the Log Number as well and I will see about escalating it for you. Being off 100 lbs would raise some concern.

To submit a log, go to the device in question, go to settings for the device, scroll to the bottom and select Wyze Support and then select Submit Log.

Also, to ensure you are starting from a base, I would try the following:

  • Go to Account menu option, select App Settings, then select Clear Cache. Shut the app down
  • If you are using an Android, Long Press the Wyze App, Choose App Info, Select Force Stop, then go to Storage And Cache, clear the Cache there
  • Restart the device.
  • Go back to the app (Note: the camera thumbnails will reappear when you do a live stream again), go to the scale, step on and the off immediately (you should see 0) for the weight. If you have a 20lb weight, put it on the scale and see if it registers correctly. If it does, then test it again as you normally would.

Tried your suggestion and still not responding as expected. I haven’t weighed 120# since I was 14 and that was a very long time ago.
I have an email support thread with an incident number of 1723637.
The log ID is 429914.

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Thanks you for the info, I will see if I can get this escalated.

You should also check the legs of the scale. If they aren’t holding on very solid or if there is anything else stuck you them, the scale is going to mess up a lot

Interested in this thread. I’ve also experienced some really inaccurate readings from the scale. Submitted a log to Wyze a couple of times with no response. Hoping to find some answers. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @doblerwins.

Generally you wont see a response from Wyze if just submitting a log.

Log files are best when accompanying a service ticket. This provides Wyze with information as to how the app is performing at the time of your issue.

I would suggest opening a ticket from the support center or giving them a call providing the log ID number in the details of the ticket.

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Back again :frowning:
The scale has suddenly begun reading around 5-6 lb low. No change in location. Factory reset changes nothing. Changed batteries. The display shows a “C” before turning off, which is new. Tested in other locations, still way out and totally different from yesterday, day before etc. Getting fed up with this, it’s needed for someone whose weight is critical and this just sucks.

In independently tests, the Wyze Scale S is highly accurate: Never more than 0.2 pounds difference from an analog scale.

Your scale most likely is slightly tilted. You should get a level app for android or the “Measure” app for iOS (has a Level tool), and use your phone’s level tool make your Wyze Scale S perfectly level.

After perfectly level, if it were to show more than 0.2 pounds difference, contact Wyze support.

There’s no way this thing is accurate. Run 6 miles a day, clothes fit different and I’m much more vascular, eat right. Apparently I haven’t lost or gained a pound the entire month. There’s no way.

Possibly, though, keep in mind it’s not necessarily unheard of or uncommon for people to lose more fat matter, and replace it with heavier and more dense muscle matter in some places and thus still weigh close to the same amount, even though they look smaller in a lot of ways.

You can test it to some degree by picking up some standardized weights like a 5 pound dumbell or whatever and stepping back on or off the scales.

Keep in mind that ALL digital scales do have what is referred to a tolerance. I don’t know what the Scale-S tolerances are as it’s rare for a company to publicly list them, but there are research articles on them, and most do have tolerances measured before they are sold. At lower weights, the error variation/tolerance is fairly low, and then the higher the weight, the more the actual weight could slightly vary, sometimes more than a pound from the REAL weight. In addition, nobody ever actually stands perfectly still, even when we think we are. Our weight is constantly shifting around to keep our balance and putting more pressure in slightly different locations while we are standing “still” which also contributes to weight variation. While I don’t know what Wyze does, I do know that some scale manufacturers leverage a proposed solution to this using an “anchoring” technique. Whereby, if the weight shift remains within small range of variation, they will keep the logged weight reported nearer to the previous weight or weighted average of a couple of the most recent measurements. I’m not saying whether Wyze uses a anchoring technique or not. I have no idea, but this can be a reason why some digital scales will report the same measurement as a recent measurement even though you made a very slight change one way or another. Having said that, consistent measurements for a month will statistically not be significantly impacted by any potential anchoring technique, so that is not likely involved here. Most likely it is that you gained muscle mass. Check the other measurement trends over the past month besides weight. Did your muscle mass percentage increase while your body fat percentage decreased? Body water measurement changes? Lean body Mass, viceral fat, etc. Sometimes other measurements are more helpful than just weight since you often gain muscle when doing things to lose fat, thus off-setting the weight change even though you’re significantly healthier.

But it is also possible you could have a defective scale. Like I said, there are ways to test that using standardized weights to see if things change.