Wyze scale drifting SIGNIFICANTLY

So I’ve had the wyze scale for about a month. All seemed well at first, but over the last week, my weight started shooting up. I ignored it at first (“Probably just retaining some water or something”) but this morning I stepped on the scale and realized I’d ‘put on’ 13 POUNDS in 6 days. That obviously didn’t sound right, so I stepped on the old reliable $7 analog scale that’s sitting in the basement and got a reading that was… 13 pounds lighter. Curious, I went back upstairs and stepped on the wyze again. According to it, I’d put on another 2 pounds since weighting myself 15 minutes ago. I stepped off and back on. Now I was 5 pounds heavier. Then 8. Then 12. The reading just kept going up until it hit a little over 200 pounds (I’m 165ish.) What the actual [MOD EDIT]? Any way to reset this stupid thing?

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Could be a firmware issue so if you haven’t already done so, make sure the scale is updated. If it’s updated, and still giving issues, remove the batteries and clear it from your phone’s Bluetooth menu and the wyze app. That’s the best way to reset it.

If it’s still acting up after a week, return or exchange it.