Wyze Scale - either I lost 11 pounds in 24 hours or the scale is crazy

FIRST let me say that I’m unhappy that Wyze isn’t even admitting that they made a scale! It’s not shown when you come looking for support, and it’s not among the choices when you post to the forum.

Now, let me get to the problem that brought me here. My Wyze Scale is a few months old and until recently it seemed to be working pretty well. I weigh myself first thing each morning when I get up. I’m wearing a t-shirt, underwear, and a pajama bottom. So what I’m wearing adds a few ounces to my overall weight, but it would add the same amount every time. There wouldn’t be more than at most one or two ounces difference between anything I might be wearing. The scale is on a hard flat floor - nothing that would interfere with its working.

Some days my weight is up a little, some days my weight is down a little. Some days the difference is just 1 or 2 tenths of a pound, other days the difference might be two or three pounds. Those differences all seem believable.

But one morning last week the scale took longer than usual to settle on a weight and came up with a number about 20 pounds less than it should. There was no indication of anything wrong, but the weight reading was ridiculous. I examined the scale without finding anything wrong, I even checked the floor under the scale to see if anything had gotten under the scale. Nothing!

With nothing visibly wrong (other than the weight being obviously incorrect) I decided that maybe the alkaline batteries that came with the scale might be going bad, so I replaced the batteries with four fresh name brand alkaline batteries. Then I tried the scale again and I got a reading that was in the normal range, so I figured that the original batteries must have been getting old.

For the next several days the scale worked as usual. Then suddenly today the scale gave me a reading much too low again and again it seemed hesitant to settle on a number. I stepped off the scale, waited a bit, then stepped back on the scale. It gave me a reading 11 pounds lower than yesterday. Clearly wrong. Again I checked the scale and the floor, nothing I could find wrong. I stepped on the scale again, this time it gave me a reading a few tenths of a pound higher than it just had, but still 10-11 pounds less than yesterday.

Just giving you some exercise - hopping on and off the scale! ;-0)

Let’s see if you get a response or troubleshooting response from Wyse.

That’s why I continue to use my weight watchers scale… I know IT is accurate. Wyze seems to be more of a “toy” & unreliable. It is once in a while close & the same as my WW scale, & sometimes not.

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Yep…My wife said the scale is off…Put new battery’s so let’s see…She is also using her WW scale. I agree Wyze is a Toy Company…I was hoping a alternative to Ring (being a user for 10yrs)…Wyze…Please FOCUS on a Product segment that WORKS!!!