Wyze Scale is not accurate

Hi am finding that my wyze scale is about 3 pounds off. would be great to be able to zero out the scale. I checked it with 2 certified 50 lbs weights. One good thing about this is that those 3 pounds are minus. I repeatedly registered 97 lbs. I also moved the scale to different locations in my house, all on hard surfaces.


This is a great option for something they can add to the scale. Maybe a Mod can make a wishlist item for this…allow us to alter the zero’d out weight by x.x lbs. Shouldn’t be very hard to add this into the firmware at all.

If you already tried both together to see it say 97 lbs instead of 100 lbs, will you also please try just a single 50lbs weight (not just both together)? If the scale is off by 3 pounds, then changing the amount of weight would still keep it at 3 pounds difference and it should show 47 pounds, right? But if it’s off by 3 percent instead of by 3 pounds, then it would show as 48.5 pounds instead for a 50 pound weight, only 1.5 pounds off, but still 3%. That would be something very helpful to know before they try to code that “fix” in an incorrect way.


I can lose as much as 100 lbs by stepping on the scale again after I’ve weighed myself. Each time the data is different and the scale asks if I am the same person before reporting the outcome. I can also receive a different metabolic age score anywhere from 5 to one year less than my chronological age.

Additionally the battery cover fell off and has to be taped on or it will lose batteries.

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