What gives Wyze? Has anyone else experienced this with the Wyze Scale?

So I have been using my Wyze scale daily since I purchased it last year and I have loved it. Not sure why but I love seeing a graph of all the data points it takes measurements on.

Anywho I have been recording anywhere from 9%-11% body fat since I started so was very surprised that on April 27th all of a sudden it’s recording body fat percentage at 38%+. I weigh about 145-150 and am 6’ so the 9-11 % tracked well with what I was in high school so what happened? I look the same and feel the same so I am pretty sure I didn’t magically add 28% body fat or put it on. Weight stayed the same.

Only thing that strikes me as odd or a possible factor is that maybe the algorithm used to figure out the body fat% uses a persons age and this all started magically on the day I turned 40 (April 27th) but if that is true they need to fix that. My graphs are getting all messed up and I know I am not almost 40% body fat…

Anyone else experience this or something similar?

Create a fake second Wyze account with a different email address share the scale to it. Enter everything the same except your birthday. Change your birthday so you’re 39 again. Log in to the second account, weigh yourself and then log in to the first account and weigh yourself again. Report the differences and we’ll go from there.

That’s one way to narrow down if this is the issue or something else.

I haven’t bought the scale yet & checking on what issues may come up. Besides the usual turning 40 concerns (4/29! But next year), should I expect the scale to remind me by changing up my BMI too? Did this get resolved?

it did but I have no idea why. There wasn’t an update or anything. It did that for like almost 2 weeks or whatever and then miraculously its just back to normal.

I hate to say it, but I’m 58 and got the scale for myself to replace my old so my wife could have one of her own. I clocked in at 24% body fat there and when I switched to the Wyze scale I suddenly pop up at 31% body fat. I have very little body fat and while I’m not ripped you definitely can see my abs. I’m 184lbs and 5’10". Even my doctor said I could lose a few pounds, but I look pretty healthy so I can’t believe that I’m carrying around over 60lbs of fat.

Body fat % data on scales is probably one the most inaccurate readings you can get. It’s just to give you a generalized idea, so don’t take it as truth.

Although the measurement is not as accurate as caliper measurements it is relatively accurate. I do feel compelled to inform you that if you are 5’10” and weigh 184 lbs you are overweight. Everyone carries 15-20% fat for normal body usage and organ protection. Anything greater than that should be eliminated. Good luck…

Yeah I am def not over weight. I’m a twig. Like I said its been back to showing those types of results. For just that one week there starting on my birthday it was giving me the crazy high % values when since I bought the thing I have been holding a 8.5-11% reading. Whatever it was my girlfriend found it funny and its back to normal so all good.