Wyze Scale - incorrect body composition data

Hi all,

I got the Wyze scale around Jan 15 and have been measuring weight and body composition daily at same time. The readings were quite consistent. Today I noticed the body composition reading is way off. Weight is consistent. Overnight I cannot lose 8lb of lean mass and gain 5pts of Body Fat. I tried cleaning the scale, took a battery out and put it again but same issue.

I will really appreciate any help to resolve this!

Thanks so much!

I gave up on posting about the inconsistencies across the metrics. Other than know-it-alls posting meaningless generic information about normal body fluctuations or typical changes when we work out, I have never seen an official response.

My opinion is the sensors are running simple open source algorithms. The efforts to tune them are insufficient. My older but more accurate scale takes about 10 seconds to determine the metrics. Just like the sensors on gym equipment, these are estimates and not medical level measurements.

The Wyze Scale seems to be focused on quick results versus quality results. I have put on measurable muscle, consistently now for well over 6 months. My BMI and fat percentage seem to be stuck in a narrow range. Matter of fact, I can carb load and have the scale measure lower fat with higher muscle. Then be very strict all week just to see my muscle go down and fat increase.

As for weight, it is pretty good.