Wyze Scale working well until April 23rd, then something went haywire

I received my Wzye Scale on January 29th, 2021. I use it daily and everything was trending down nicely with my diet. Then on April 23rd, things went haywire.

On April 22nd, my readings were:
Weight Body Fat Visceral Protein Muscle Mass Body Water Lean Body Mass Bone Mass BMR Age
232.6 32% 12 14.0% 148.3lb 49.8% 158.1 9.7lb 1919 <2 actual

On April 23rd, the reading was:
230.5 37.1% 11 13.0% 136.2lb 46.1% 145.0 8.8lb 1791 actual

Now everything is trending from those readings. Any ideas what might have caused the big changes?