Wyze scale trend details Question

My trending details have changed dramatically. I weigh in every morning in 1 day my
body fat 16% to 25%
muscle mass 135 - 120
body water 61% -55%
lean body mass 144-128
I replaced the batteries with same results

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I’ve had a similar experience. I’ve been on a diet since labor Day and consistently weight myself first thing every morning. My weight and BMI have been steadily decreasing but the suddenly there was a huge shift in my body fat (up), muscle mass (down), body water (down), lean body mass (down), bone mass (down), protein (down), visceral fat (down), BMR (down), and metabolic age (up).

The funny part is that a couple days later, everything reversed back to the normal trend for a day, but now it’s been steady on the new pattern.

I suspect that it’s something with the algorithm but can’t find any references anywhere to back this up.

Same here. My previous scale had a lot of variability in body fat, but Wyze settled right in at 25%. Starting in July, I got readings around 35% for a day each week and in September it occurred more often, and now is every day since October. Initially I thought it reflected my workout days (being dehydrated, damp feet from the shower), but now it’s every single day.

I just checked the trends and every measurement except weight and BMI have the same screwy dips or peaks in them. They’ve all settled down to the new weird levels, except visceral fat: it’s still jumping up and down between 6 and 7.

I’m new to the forum, and see two similar posts, but no reply. What’s going on, kids?