Wyze Scale/App - Potential Bug

Howdy all. I’ll get right to it. In the Wyze Android app, under ‘account’->‘account’->‘health data’->‘Athletic’-> then yes/no. It seems this affects how the scale reads. For example, last night I changed the “athletic” from “no” to “yes”. This morning I use the scale and my body fat percent dropped from yesterday at ~15% to ~10% this morning. I then moved the “athletic” back to “no” from “yes”, and stood on the scale again, in which I was then moments later 17% (again, w/ “athletic” set to “no”. Take care. Any insight would be great. Keep up the good work Wyze-ians.


My understanding is that your body fat % will vary greatly from time to time based on things like the amount of water and retained fluids in your body, density of what you consume, etc. Muscle and bone obviously don’t change nearly as fast (although sometimes it seems like muscle does!:pleading_face:).
I know on my scale body fat varies 1-2% at least overnight.
I have not experimented with the athletic mode as you have. I’ll give that a shot and see. Athletes typically have a lower body fat ratio but I don’t see why changing the setting should change the reading immediately.