Wyze Scale - Body Fat %

I bought the Wyze scale in the early release. I love the idea, however, has anybody felt like the body fat % is about 10% too high? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I have used the Omron HBF-306C for years, and it is pretty close to where I’m at when I go get tested in a pool (not perfect, but pretty close). When I step on the Wyze scale, it is always at least 10% higher than the Omron.

Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

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When I initially set up my Scale, the body fat percentage was about 10% too high compared to my last hydrostatic test result. I turned “Athlete mode” On and it’s now ±1%.


Good to know. I’ll try that. Thank you!

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From within the Wyze app: Home > Scale > Settings (gear icon in upper right corner) > Users > Select yourself > Edit (upper right corner) > Athlete mode > On or Off > Save (Upper right corner).

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I switched to Athlete mode, but got the same number.

Same problem for me. And I just tried turning Athlete mode off. I get 5% every time. The exact same and I know that is too low.

I get 5% all the time also. What is the issue here?

I’ve tried all the updates and chatting with Wyze. No progress or answers. It’s very disappointing. Tried putting a few drops of water on the scale to help with conductivity. Still 5% or no reading. Its about 50/50 between those two readings but never anything else.

Wyze can you help us out a little here please???

I noticed that when I changed from athlete to non athlete in my profile body fat weren’t from 5% to 15%!

Ned M.

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I’m wondering if the body fat works for anyone. I doubt there are many people who are really at 5% who are using a scale like this. I wish I could just get an idea of trend changes as I adjust workouts and diet. I don’t really need to know the exact number. But I’m sure half of the people using the scale aren’t dead on 5% every day. That’s an extremely cut/ripped state to be in.

You don’t say which you think might be right for you, 5% or 15%?
I’d guess that you should use the non-athlete setting.
15% is pretty decent shape. 5% is body-builder shape.
I see the same behavior but regrettably have to concede the non-athlete mode is correct for me though I am pretty active. I can live with the result.
I try to take these readings as ballpark and just really glance at changes over time. Did it go down a percent or two on average across a few weeks? The month and year graphs help see it in that context. That and clothes that either are getting looser, or tighter, are other clues.

I do see some big variations that make it harder to do that but they sort of average out. For example I often wake up and find the morning’s weight is down about a pound (makes some sense to me given a quick bathroom break before weigh-in), but also body-fat jumps a few percent and settles back down for the bedtime weigh-in. That I haven’t tried too hard to figure out. Perhaps dehydrated upon waking? Maybe the scale is cold in the AM; certainly feels that way on my bare feet!

I am not an expert on body fat percent, or know what they should be reading, but I can tell you my scale seems to be reading it relatively accurate when compared to my body weight. In May, after a month of using the scale, I started dieting and exercising. You can see in the attached graph it tracked the body fat closely with the body weight. It even picked up the sudden drop in both, after being rewarded with a heart attack and 9 days in the hospital with complications.

I use my scale once a day, first thing in the morning, and do not have it set to athlete mode. I don’t know what to suggest is wrong with the scale, for those that seem stuck at 5%. Have you considered that Wyze is currently having a sale on scales, and to make use of their return policy? :wink:

I had the exact same issue and turning on Athlete mode fixed it.


It’s not calculating right. I’m pretty lean and is says I’m 27% body fat. But when I look at the detailed results, it breaks my weight down into fat, muscle, and bone, leaving 0% for organs & blood. It says my bone mass is 8 pounds; a male skeleton weighs closer to 28 lbs.