Wyze Scale Bodyfat misinterpeted?

I am curious about this scales measurement when it comes to Bodyfat. As someone who would like to believe they are in shape (Especially during this staying at home) I feel some calculation is wrong? I have the bodyfat reading range indicate I am 27% bodyfat as opposed to 17-18% like my Omron Bodyfat device reads. I swapped between both Athlete, and normal mode on both devices and it’s just outright uncomparable. How haven’t others have noticed this? Also, see video review I had done it when first buying it. I’ve tried numerous surfaces, but it must be estimating that I am obese?


We experienced the same thing, we are also fit but get 27%?

The calculations make no sense. It distributes weight between fat, muscle, and skeletal, leaving nothing for organs. And the skeletal weight is about 20 pounds low.